ARM Exploitation Is A Real Problem Now

The exploitation of devices has become a sort of sport between people who are security enthusiast. Both the good guys and the bad guys like to take apart the machine code of the devices that we use every day and see what makes them tick. In the past the main devices to do this with were ones that were based on x86 chips. x86 chips are Intel and Intel based chips are what we see running many computers these days. This is where so many attacks get their start from. People look at the machine code and see what it is doing. And from there they try their best to make it do something else.

ARM Exploitation Is A Real Problem Now

Now we see these same security enthusiasts going a different route. Instead of just hacking into a computer to see how its x86 chips work, we are now seeing people doing the same thing to smart phones. The biggest difference is that the modern day smart phone does not run on x86 chips. They usually take up too much power and kill the batteries of a phone too quickly. Most of the smart phones these days run on ARM based chips. Intel is trying to change that but for now most of the phones are running on ARM.

And that is why we have seen such an uptick when it comes to ARM based hacking. ARM chips are not new but they are now more popular than ever. The old books that showed how ARM chips would work are now being sold out. Both the good guys and the bad guys want to be able to see how this all works. While this activity can make the modern day cell phone safer, it can also cause problems as well.

As we said earlier in the article, it is both the bad guys and the good guys that are now getting on this new trend. And this means that there is a war going on to see who finds the latest vulnerability first. If the bad guys are able to find a hole first then this could lead to trouble for millions of phone users. We could have the same wars on mobile phones that we see now with computers.

Hopefully we have learned some lessons from the x86 era and are able to translate them to the smart phones. While this may be a different battlefield I am sure some of the same old lessons still apply.

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