Are Your Facebook Private Messages Showing Up In Your Timeline? Probably Not!

Facebook blunder or internet rumours?

I’ve seen quite a bit of chatter today about Facebook private messages suddenly appearing in peoples’ timelines. Specifically it seemed to concern people in non-English speaking countries (mainly but not exclusively) and over the time period of 2007 – 2009 (with a couple of mentions of the year 2006).


I didn’t pay much attention until a short while ago though as I’m not a great user of Facebook myself and don’t think I’ve even sent any private messages on there ever! However, despite a great many people talking about this issue, including a couple of my friends, it seems that this tale simply isn’t true.

At least not according to Facebook anyway.

The BBC are now reporting that Facebook have said that these rumours are false and that what was appearing was simply older wall posts that were never private in the first place.

Despite the fact that such rumours have surfaced in the past and been disproven some users are stillĀ adamantĀ that private messages ARE currently visible on their profiles. One of my friends has even said the same in the last couple of minutes but I can’t verify that for sure, even though I do trust him completely.

Have you seen any evidence of your private messages being made public? If so, are they still visible and from what time period did they come from?

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