Are Your Car And Other Devices Susceptible To An Attack From A Hacker?

If you ask most people what they fear about hackers and their abilities, people would say that they fear that they can steal their identities and hurt their credit.

After that, most people would say that they are scared that a person could cause major damage to normal every day machines.

Of course, a few years ago, this would have been laughable.

We would know that the people who said something like this probably got the idea off of a movie that they once saw.

Anyone who was technically-minded back then knew that it took a lot more than a few strokes of the keyboard to be able to attack anything that is off of the network.

But these days, that idea is not as far fetched as it once was.

Now that everything is being tied into the internet the technologies have to pretty much be able to talk to each other.

This is a perfect opportunity for a black hat hacker to be able to take his skills off of the internet and into the real world.

This happened not too long ago in Austin, Texas.

You Can’t Put Your Foot Down When You Drive In The Hacking Lane

A man was able to remotely disable over 100 cars, all at one time.

The person who did it was a former employee who was upset that he was fired.

So he decided to try and make the company look bad by disabling all of the cars that they sold.

He was able to do this, because the company sold cars to people with bad credit.

If they were not able to pay the bill that month, the car company would remotely disable the car.

So he took advantage of that fact and decided to set the feature off himself.

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This is not really a classic computer hack.

He already knew all of the information that he needed; there was really no technical knowledge needed in the attack.

At least no more than he was probably trained for, the first day that he was at the job.

The biggest technical part of the attack is that he did the job remotely with another employee’s password.

The Growth Of The Internet Raises Many New Security Issues

This is a very good example of what we could be seeing more of in the future though.

There is more of our technology being tied into the internet than ever before.

When you speak to anything on the internet, there are a few protocols that are used so that both sides of the transmission understand each other.

Protocols such as HTTP, FTP, RTP and a few others.

So even if you were able to use a proprietary protocol, if someone got their hands on it, they would be able to get into your device and control it.

We are going to have to think about security in new and different ways in the next couple of years.

It is no longer just devices that we look at as computers that we have to worry about.

This has gone beyond just a laptop or cell phone.

We now have to worry about any device that is able to connect to the internet.

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