Are You Sending Out Too Much Information While You Are Playing Video Games?

We are in a new era where everything that we do on the web is social. While the web has been a way for us to be able to contact people all over the world for a while now, it is only recently that we are seeing it used to this extent. In the past, while the web could be used to connect to other people, it was still mostly used by you alone. While you may go on a forum and chat about how to rebuild your car every now and then, for the most part finding out information on how to rebuild that car was still an exercise of going to different web sites and reading the information that was on them.

Now it is different. You can simply start a Facebook group page and ask all of the questions that you need to get the car fixed in real time. Or you can easily start up a video Skype session and do the same. There are even people out there who charge for Google G+ hangout sessions so they can teach you how to do different things. Whatever you need to do on the internet there is almost certainly a social way that you can get it done.


Online video gaming

The biggest users of the social aspect of the web have to be gamers. Not only were they one of the first groups of people to use the web in a social manner but they have ingrained it into the very soul of their community. Most games that come out these days have a social aspect to them. Be it multi player or being able to voice chat with each other. If you want to game these days then you better get used to communicating with other people.

And the truth is all of this social activity has made the world of gaming more active and fun. It is bringing out people who do not fit the popular association when it comes to gamers. Casual games are real big now and they have brought in gamers of all ages. And a lot of these casual games have a social component to them as well. And that is a big part of the appeal for casual gamers. They like that they can communicate with people while they are playing the game.

But the social aspect of gaming has a bad side as well. While you are used to having fun and communicating with people on these games, you have to remember that a lot of the time you are communicating with people that you do not know. And if you do not know these people then there is a good chance that one bad apple may be able to slip into the bunch. While it is always fun to game with friends, sometimes your friends are not online and you have to do the next best thing and that is to game with strangers.

Social engineering

The bad guys on the internet are willing to try a multitude of things to be able to get information from unwitting people. And you have to remember that not all of the ways that they will try to get information will be technical. There will be times where they will try to get information from a person by just talking to them. There are a lot of people who take comfort in social gaming because it allows them to cure their loneliness. The bad guys will take that fact and try to exploit as much as possible.

That is why if you are online you must try your best to avoid giving out too much information to people that you do not know. While you may try to gain friends on these social networks, you have to remember that everyone on there does not have good intentions. If you are online and you are talking to person for years and years then yes it might be safe to give out information about yourself to this person. But if you are just starting to communicate with this person or you have been for only a few months then you still might want to take a little bit more time before you are willing to share your life story with this information. Some information is good but telling this person everything is not.

When you are a part of the online gaming community, you will meet a lot of nice people during your adventures. But you have to remember that you do not know this person. You should not share everything about you with this person right away. If you do then you may find that it can really come back to bite you hard.

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