Are You Prepared For World War III?

Inventive hackers are always on the look-out for new points of entry into their victim’s computer systems.

One of their latest efforts centres around a malware-infected email that claims World War III has begun following a US invasion of Iran.


Inboxes around the world have been receiving emails with subject  lines such as ‘Third World War has begun’, ‘US Army crossed Iran’s borders’ and ‘20000 US Soldiers in Iran’.

These emails would appear to contain links to a malicious web page which would appear to display a video player showing a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion.

The text on the page is as follows –

‘Just now US Army’s Delta Force and US Air Force have invaded Iran. Approximately 20000 soldiers crossed the border into Iran and broke down the Iran’s Army resistance. The video made by US soldier was made today morning. Click on the video to see the first minutes of the beginning of World War III. God save us.’

If anyone should visit the web page and then click on the ‘video player’ they it is likely that they will be infected with the Troj/Tibs-UO Trojan in addition to a malicious piece of JavaScript, hidden on the website as Mal/ObfJS-AY.

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  1. With the U.S. it would be quite easy to imagine that they had started a war at short notice.

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