Are You One Of The 6 Million Infected With Confiker?

are you infected with Conficker?

Back in April Confiker was probably the most concerning security issue on the internet.

Whilst the expected devastation it was supposed to cause ceased to materialise on April Fools Day, Confiker still proved to be a serious annoyance as infected computers became linked to a botnet.

are you infected with Conficker?

are you infected with Conficker?


Alternatively known as Downadup and Kido, Confiker has infected a large number of computers around the world.

Whilst some reports claim that 11 million or more machines have been infected the true figure is likely to be closer to 6 million.

If your computer has been infected then the chances are that it is now part of the Waledec botnet.

If that is the case then those behind the botnet will be able to use your computer as part of their network which is capable of orchestrating DDoS attacks and sending massive amounts of spam.

Additionally, Confikered computers could be hijacked and sensitive information on them could be stolen in order to facilitate identity theft.


Whether or not your computer is affected by the Confiker virus is predominantly influenced by how thorough you have been in updating and securing your security measures.

However, there is also a geographical element to the distribution of the virus too.

China has the most infected machines with around 2.7 million cases.

Next up is Russia with approximately 1.0 million infected computers.

In third place is Brazil who have reportedly got 800,000 infections.

Following close behind in order were the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Interestingly, the prevalence of Confiker in Europe and the US is much lower.

This may be in part to the wider use of the Vista operating system which has a higher level of immunity to Confiker.

Vista, or at least genuine copies, is deployed far more in the affluent countries of Europe and America whereas those countries mentioned above tend to use older versions of Windows.

Suk Ling Gun, managing director of Kaspersky Lab, has stated that the Confiker infections should serve as a warning that constant security updates and awareness of security threats are essential when connecting to the Internet.

Have you secured your computer against the Confiker virus?

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