Are You Aware Of The Hack That Leaves 80% Of Cell Phones Vulnerable?

As a global community, we rely on communication networks to be able to conduct all of our business, no matter where we are.

This means that we depend on communication devices such as the computer, be it laptop or desktop, and our cell phones.

cell phone vulnerabilities

When we use these devices we expect a minimum amount of privacy and protection from prying ears or eyes.

We all know that the computer has had security issues for a lot of years.

Between hackers attacking both your home computer or a remote computer that you may have done business with, they have been able to get data that should be private.

Now the same attacks are starting to happen with cell phones.

Chaos Communication Congress

At the CCC, Chaos Communication Congress, conference last week an encryption expert named Karsteen Nohl showed a way to be able to break GMS security protection on your cell phone.

This can turn out to be a real problem in the future.

This is a big problem for cell phone companies and the news has rocked the mobile industry.

To get more into the details of the attack, the attacker was able to crack the 21 year old standard 64 bit A5/1 encryption method.

This is the algorithm method that is used in the GMS protected version of cell phones.

The purpose of showing the ability to be able to crack the system is to make sure that the company who utilize GSM protection step up and make it better.

If you cannot rely on your cell phone calls to be secured, then that is a major problem.

The group that is behind the GSM specification has dismissed the display as “illegal” and that people should not have to worry about the attacks in the USA and Britain.

This is the reason why security of computer software and now cell phone products are always in jeopardy.

Proactive Action Required

The companies that implement these devices do not seem to take security seriously until the problem is wide spread.

After that, they then want to clean up the situation.

Companies must be proactive when a big security problem such as this hits the media.

They are putting their customers at risk when they do not.

The GSM cell phone hack is a major problem.

The security researchers have now released the code that shows how to do the hack.

This move was made so that the security vendors would now be forced to do something about the problem.

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