Are You Aware Of Facebook’s Privacy Policy And Does It Protect Your Data Sufficiently?

When you use any online social media web sites there are sure to be changes to the official policy at one point or another.

When a company first starts out they never know what their next step is going to be exactly.

They might think that they know what they are going to do but until they reach the level of success or failure that they are currently at then they can never be sure quite where things will go.

This is true in Facebook’s case as well.

Facebook privacy policy

Facebook Has Evolved Over Time

When they first started they had a reasonable ideal of what type of service they were going to give their customers but now that they are reaching unprecedented success with the service they have had to change some of their rules to accommodate the growth.

As a user of the service it is important for you to keep up with the changes.

Facebook and the power of its individual pages have grown over the years.

What started off as a simple service has turned into a mighty behemoth that is a platform onto itself.

There are many people who make money based on the Facebook ecosystem, so Facebook themselves have to figure out a way that they can make money also.

The most valued commodity that Facebook has right now is its users and the data that they put in the service.

No other web site that is out there right now has the amount of data that Facebook has.

A Marketer’s Dream

Not only do they have the first and last name of the people who use it, they have their family, children, work place info, personal friends, their likes and dislikes all wrapped up into one little area.

This type of information is a marketer’s dream – this allows them to be able to pin point their product to the people who would actually purchase it.

Facebook is sitting on a gold mine and they know it.

And this is why you have to protect yourself when it comes to Facebook.

Your data is the most valuable thing that they have.

So they have changed several points of their privacy policy so that they are allowed to release more of this data to third parties.

And other parts of your data they are making public where before they didn’t.

This change in policy shift is making people uneasy.

If you decide that you have had enough and do not want to use the service anymore, they can still hold some of your data and use it to give to third parties as well.

This is why you must be careful about what data you allow to be posted on Facebook.

If you are not, you can find that the advertisers know more about you than you thought that they did.

Services like Facebook can be fun and exciting.

Just make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into when you put your data in the service.

Since I began writing this post yesterday there has been a further development as Facebook have made changes to the way your privacy is dealt with.

Have they gone far enough?

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. This is one of the most important things you added in here Lee
    “Your data is the most valuable thing that they have.”
    This i where users need to be smart, limiting what data is available to FB – data as in what is placed in FB by the user which includes profile info <- the biggest place where most people fail.
    They do not need your real name, your location,your birthdate,your primary email addy,,etc.
    Users are way to willing to include this type of info (data) in a profile,, all which goes along with the data when it is sold.

    Yes i harp on this kind of stuff a lot – users are gullible believing they have to include some real things on a profile. They think they cant 'lie' but rather have to tell the honest truth cause if they are caught they will lose their account.
    This is not correct – they do not check an really cannot check for the most part on info (data) that is supplied by a user.

    • I don’t know about you Dave but one of my biggest concerns where the privacy aspeect is concerned is identity theft – way too many users publish their name, age, date of birth, address, etc, etc.

      Of course that isn’t Facebook’s fault, its down to the individual users, but I do feel as though they could be more pro-active in promoting privacy rather than seemingly eroding it.

      As for my own, seldom used account, I used a semi-redundant email address and a false surname/date of birth, as I do with 99.9% of the services I use on the internet.

      I sometimes wonder if I’m simply being careful or whether that is a sign of paranoia?

      • While its not totally Facebooks (or any other sites) fault that users fill in the profile with way to much info, one simple way to slow it down would be to not include a area for that information in the first place.
        ID theft is on the rise an its a great concern to all of us or should be.
        Some people just dont think, evidently they feel protected because they have had to register to use the site an think their info is safe from prying eyes. Big mistake.
        Every single website i have register with has a different fake birthdate, most of the info i use is fake an always has been.
        As i have said an will continue to say – its the kids that are the worst at being open with their info an from what i have seen at FB, its the worst i have seen anywhere.

        I think we reach a point of being very careful, just on the edge of paranoid,, maybe its cause we are seeing whats out there while so many do not.

        • I think ID theft is one of those topics that has been mentioned in the media so much that everyone is now aware of it but yet they don’t pay it the due attention.

          Its like many people have a blase attitude, thinking its one of those crimes that happen to other people.

          If only they knew how devastating it would be if it was them that lost their identity then they would approach social networks entirely differently…

          • Yes people have heard about it so much they dont pay attention to it now an they just go on doing things they have always done no matter how unsafe.
            Many i dont think put ‘real life’ an the computer together, they think losing their ID on the computer isnt a big deal, they dont realize that it not only causes problems there but it can in the real world – bank accounts, living conditions, etc.
            One trip down the ID theft road can cause a person problems for years.

          • Exactly – you don’t just lose a few quid with identity theft, you lose a whole lot more besides. Not only that, it can take years, if not decades, to undo all the damage.

  2. They keep changing the privacy/security settings so much its hard to keep up sometimes.
    Unless they have changed it one feature they really need to use is
    ‘opt in’ an not use the ‘opt out’ thing. I really think thats one area they are failing in when it comes to privacy/security.
    Users should not have to search to opt out of something but rather search to opt in to it.
    Right now all they are doing is confusing a lot of their older users (age wise), like me, with all the changes they keep doing.

    • I totally agree with everything you say there Dave.

      Are you one of the people considering leaving Facebook because of the privacy issues?

      • Yes i have thought about it but with friends an family there i doubt i will leave. Guess i will stay an fight the fight with others that are pressing for better privacy/security,,unless they get tired of me an delete my account ,lol.

        • I have a Facebook account myself, though there is almost nothing recorded on it, mainly due to my total lack of time.

          I did run into privacy issues where my kids are concerned though and so for that reason I have blocked them from going on there.

          Luckily, the only people they miss are my parents who they now talk to on Skype and the only feature they used was Farmville which they no longer miss.

          • Skype, didnt they just recently have a worm in there, the same one that was in YIM.

          • I certainly read about a worm on Skype but didn’t delve into it enough to know if it was the exact same one that was on YIM.

          • I am not certain it was the very same thing but it sure was close, i suppose its because somehow YIM an Skype are connected so it was easily spread between the two.


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