Are Well Known Antivirus Solutions Always The Best Ones To Use?

When you are starting a business there are a few pieces of advice that you will hear all of the time. You are sometimes told how to manage your money so that you do not go broke. Or they might tell you that you are going to want to mix the right amount of time between business and family. While all of this is good advice, the number one advice that you will receive is that you must be able to brand yourself. Either you or your business has to have a brand that people are going to trust or they’re going to go the company that they do trust.


And that is the same in computer security as well. When you are in the computer security business you have to remember that yes, you are running a business. A lot of the security companies out there are run by people who were computer security engineers or just plain old software engineers before they switched up. People like this are not usually great businessmen. Of course there are a few examples that don’t back up my point but for the most part it is true. Software engineers make horrible businessmen. They believe that the best product will always win in the marketplace but that is simply not true.

When people choose their software security solutions they usually go with the name that they have heard of and not necessarily the best solution. For most people, computer security is something that they know nothing about. They just know that it is good to have on their computer. So they go with the most popular solution which is usually also the one that has the best branding strategy.

But not all of the best antivirus solutions are the best choice just because they are popular. There is a lot of good antivirus software that flies under the radar because it is not as well known as the old stand guards of Norton and MacAfee. When you are trying to pick a solution to protect your computer you should go by the reviews of the product more than whether you have heard of the product or not. You will find that some of the best products do not have TV commercials.

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