Are We Safer Now That The Web Is Starting To Be Weaned Off Of Flash And Is Now Moving To HTML5?

It is funny how technology, just like life, goes in cycles. At one time you can be a no name in technology and then all of the sudden you are the hottest thing in it. And just as quickly you can go back to being a no name again. Yes, it happens just that fast and the people who work in technology have got to get used to it. The skills that you have today will not be able to save your job tomorrow. One of the pacts that you silently make when you get into the field of technology is that once you are in, you constantly have to learn to stay in. Yes, you can work on old legacy systems to keep afloat but that means you will be condemned to the backwaters of the technology field. You will not be on the cutting edge anymore and that probably means that you will start to become bored really quickly and try to take a management position.


The people who have made Flash their career technology choice are starting to feel that way now. They are in a position where the technology that they have chosen is still widely used but will not be for much longer. The technology field has taken a collective vote when it comes to the flash technology and they have given it a thumb down. They want the web to move on and it looks like it is going to. Even the company who makes the Flash technology is waving the white flag. They are not going to offer the technology for mobile anymore and they are going to concentrate the technology to be used as a mostly gaming platform. While you will still be able to use Flash for web pages, that will not be where their focus is going to be at.

And no one is happier about this than the computer security community. One of the biggest thorns when it came to computer security over the years was the Flash technology. They have been wishing for the demise of this technology for several years and now it finally looks like they are going to get their wish.

The computer security community had a lot of good reasons to hate Flash. First of all it was a plugin in the browser and not a native component. Over the years there have been many holes in browsers caused by plugins. Not just Flash but they have been the culprit on many occasions. Plugins like this have proven to be dangerous and the security has only gotten marginally better. With some browsers like Chrome, you have to give permission before they allow you to run any plugins. This is different than in the past when they would just pop up. But being a plugin was only part of the problem with flash.

Over the years, the Flash runtime tried to do everything. It almost was like they wanted to be a mini operating system in your browser. But because of all this added complexity, Flash became a way for black hat hackers to run dangerous code on your system. A simple flash ad would compromise your system. This was a real problem and something that still happens to this day. So now you can start to see why security experts are happy that Flash is dying.

Will HTML5 be better? We do not know yet but we do know that there will likely be some security holes. But the question is will there be as many as there were with Flash?

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