Are VOIP Phones Safe?

With the rise in the use of cell phones, some people think that, excluding internet apps, it is the only way that you can communicate with other people besides using a landline phone. But that is just not the case. There are a lot of people out there who use a service that is known as VOIP. The letters VOIP stand for Voice Over Protocol. It allows you to be able to communicate with people just like you would with a cell phone but over the internet. It is a very useful service and you see that a lot of people have grown attached to it with the rise in companies like Skype.


But there has always been a question of safety when it comes to these types of phones. Are average people able to use them without having to worry about security problems? Will your phone line be hacked just like the other parts of your computer that is connected to the internet? These are very real and serious concerns and ones that must be addressed.

For the most part, your VOIP line is just as safe as your normal phone line. There have been very few cases of attacks that happen through these lines. The Skype client software has been found to have a few holes in it throughout the years but that is not much different than any other software on your computer. And there have been some instances of people being able to break into the middle of Skype calls but those were very sophisticated attacks and the same thing can be done with your normal phone line as well. We have all heard of tapped phone calls.

So as you can see, while a VOIP phone has some faults with it, overall when it comes to security it is as safe as any other phone line. The only thing that is different between this phone and your normal phone is that the software is installed on your computer. If you need more information you may want to check out hosted VoIP from MegaPath or another provider.

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  1. I must disagree here. I have been advocating the use of VOIP (SIP standard, not Skype) for years but there are several issues with the technology.

    First: A company should have a separate physical network for VoIP communications as VoIP traffic tends to be untrusted UDP traffic entering your corporate network. As such it is an easy target for hackers wanting to get into your corporate network. Separating VoIP from normal network traffic mitigates this risk.

    Second: SIP / VoIP traffic is relatively easy to intercept from anywhere in the world. Where I would need to physically connect a cable to tap an old style POTS line. Detection is possible in most cases using specialized equipment, with VoIP it is just a matter of hacking the router and redirecting traffic. No-one will ever now!


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