Are These The 3 Best Security Plugins For Firefox?

A couple of years ago barely anyone used a browser by the name of Firefox. Most people that you would interview in the street barely knew what a browser was even though they would use it every day. So they definitely did not recognize the name Firefox when they would hear it. At least they did not know it as a web tool. But the people who knew how to fix computers did. Every time a person would have a problem with their computer, and it was internet related, the tech expert that was fixing it would suggest installing and using Firefox on the machine. This is how Firefox started to grow. People started to know about it by word of mouth and recommendation by experts. So now it has a massive market share of the browser market. This was considered to be unthinkable when it first released. After all, Microsoft had controlled the browser market for so long by giving away their product for free and having it already installed in the operating system that to beat them was considered impossible.

Firefox security plugins

The reasons why techs would recommend using Firefox were many. First of all it was considered to be faster than the other browsers on the market. Also it has extra features like tabs that were only available on other browsers that you had to pay for. So when Firefox came along people saw a real bargain. But the main reason why the experts would recommend Firefox over the other browsers was that it was considered to be the safest at the time.

The web was having a real problem when it came to security. It was getting really bad in the mid 2000ā€™s. So a person had to do whatever they could to be able to protect their system. So if someone told you that installing a browser would make your internet sessions a lot safer then it was no brainer to switch. Most of the malware on the internet at that time was aimed at the most popular browser, Internet Explorer. With the introduction to Firefox you could surf the web with little to no problem at all. But no browser is one hundred percent fool proof. Even when you are using a safe browser like Firefox you need to be able to protect yourself. That is why there are a lot of security based plugins for you to use in Firefox. That is what we are going to take a look at in this article.


This plugin is more for professional users than the average ones. As a matter of fact, if you are a programmer for the web and you use Firefox for development then there is a good chance that you already know about this plugin. While the main purpose of it is not for security it really does help in that regard. With Firebug you are able to get a clear and concise view of any web page that you visit. If you feel like the web page is doing something wrong then you can easily open up firebug and see for yourself. While you already had that ability with the view source button in Firefox, Firebug makes it a lot cleaner to look at. When you search JavaScript for any malware you will be looking at clean code and not wading through a wall of unindented and unhighlighted text.

No Script

This is a great tool to have in your arsenal when you are surfing the web. This plugin will only allow JavaScript to run on your machine when you give it permission. Before you do that, it will block the web site that you are on, from using of JavaScript. These days this tool gets heavy usage because almost every web page that you visit will have heavy dose of JavaScript in it. So if you trust the web page you can give it permission to run what it has to. If you do not trust the web page then you can keep JavaScript from running while you explore some more.


More and more these days when you go to visit a web site they want to know everything about you. At the bare minimum this means that they want you to give them your email address. Not every web site that you visit deserves your email address. So this plugin allows you to easily create a fake email address to give the site. This way your privacy and your email address is secured from anyone that you do not trust.

When you are on the web these days, your safety really does matter. The bad guys really are everywhere and you need to be able to protect yourself. And with a browser like Firefox you know that your safety is always taken into consideration.

Help keep yourself safe by switching over to Firefox and do please let me know which Firefox plugins you use for security.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. I love Trashmail and have found many uses for it, well worth using.

    Grease Monkey is something I’ll have to check out though…

  2. I have used Firebug in the past but no longer have it. Wouldnt be without No-Script.
    Wasnt aware of TrashMail but i am going to look at it.

    Now as far as Firefox plugins – Ad-Block+ ,, Better Privacy,, Ghostery,, No-Script (of course),, and i use Grease Monkey for the User Scripts available.


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