Are There Certain Types Of Domains That You Should Fear?

As we surf the internet we, hopefully, become more aware of the dangers that may be out there.

We try not to let ourselves be controlled by fear, but we know that there is a lot out there that we should be worried about.

Of course there are certain kinds of web sites that you  should avoid.

Or at the very least be careful when you are visiting them.

This includes adult web sites, warez sites, and a couple of other sites that should lead you to become suspicious.

But sometimes we can help ourselves be more secured by not only looking at the content of the site that we are visiting, but also to look at the actual domain of the site.

Xenophobic I Am Not. But…

I do not want to come off as xenophobic, because I’m certainly not, but certain types of domains have been proven to be less safe than others.

When I say domain, what we are really talking about is the TLD (top level domain) of the site.

The .com, .net, .edu ending, when you type a domain name in the address bar.

Some of these endings specify which country the site is based in.

When you see a, you know that the site is most likely coming from England.

Or, if you see a .ru at the end of the domain name, then you know that the site is most likely based in Russia.

Some places have a looser requirement to get a domain name than others.

This is not to say that all of the sites on a particular TLD are of a criminal nature, just that there are higher chances of something happening.

When I say higher chances, I mean instead of  maybe 1%, it moves up to say 5%.

Still highly unlikely, but more than likely to happen than normal.

Where Do The Bad Guys Hang Out?

The part of the world that is known to be engaged in a lot of cyber crime includes a lot of former soviet countries, China, parts of Africa, and some Latin American countries.

A lot of these countries have a lot of talented individuals that get paid a good amount of money to subvert security systems.

Some of the best hackers in the world come from these areas.

So should you be scared of domains based in these areas?

No, attacks can come from anywhere, and a lot of attackers still use a .com ending, even if they are from one of these countries.

Visiting a site with a domain ending from one of these countries only means that you should be on the look out only slightly more than you normally would be.

Again, the chances of an attack happening on one of these domains is still remote but the chance is higher than it normally would be.

When you are visiting any site that you have not visited before, you should always have your guard up no matter which domain you are visiting.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.

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