Are There Any Security Risks When Using A Free WordPress Theme?

Open source programs are great for a user who would usually not be able to afford such an expensive program.

Also, they allow you to collaborate with people so that you can make changes to the software that you think needs to be changed.

You have an all access view of the source code and, in most cases, you are allowed to fork the source and create a new project altogether.

This is what makes WordPress such a great piece of blogging software.

Even though users may have the same underlying software running on their blogs, most of the installations will look totally different from each other.

Users are allowed to customize the look of the page into something that is unique.

a very small number of free themes may pose a risk

a very small number of free themes may pose a risk

WordPress Themes

But if you are a user that does not know how to make their own WordPress theme then you have two options that you can utilize.

You can either pay for a custom theme or you can go online and look for a free theme.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways of getting a new WordPress theme.

If you pay for a theme then you have the power to tell the person exactly how you want it to look and you can hold someone personally responsible if anything goes wrong.

But buying a theme is expensive and is something that you should be ready to invest some money into.

When it comes to free themes the advantage is that they are, well, free, and you can still get a quality-looking theme.

The disadvantage is that there will be thousands of people with a similar theme such as yours and you can hold no-one to blame for the code quality of the theme.

Since most people who make free themes do not get paid for the service they find other ways that they can capitalize off of it.

One way is that they sell links that are included in the theme.

These links can be encoded so that the person who downloads the theme cannot remove them.

Malicious Links

This is where the danger can lie.

99% of the time these links are, for the most part, harmless.

It is that other 1% of the time that they can lead to something dangerous that you have to worry about.

These links can make your web site visitors go to another web site that will have a piece of malware waiting for them.

The people who click the link will not understand that it is not your fault – they will blame your web site.

Also, the encryption methods that are used for links can be used for other items as well.

These items include such things as malicious code on your home page.

When you are downloading a free theme to use on your web site you must be sure that the code is safe.

There are certain places that double check the code on the themes that they release.

It may be in your best interest to visit one of these places for all of your theme needs.

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