Are The Embedded Devices In Your Workplace Safe?

There is no doubt about it; the world is becoming a more technical place. The more we start to expand our uses of the internet the more we start to see computers in places that we did not think that we would see them before. You have high ranked refrigerators out right now that can access the internet. You have cars that are more wired than many networks that we see in small offices. You cannot doubt that computers are entering our lives in a big way more than ever. And the leader of that revolution is not phones, or tablets, or even laptops. The leader of that revolution has been the increase in use of embedded devices.


When we say embedded devices we mean the devices that allow you to be able to bring computer functionality in a small device. For example, your phone is considered an embedded device. Your IPad is also considered an embedded device. The chips in your car that make it do all of the automated task that it does are embedded devices. Embedded devices are what make our lives seen more digital now than it ever has before.

Embedded devices are not a new phenomenon. We have had them for a long time now. You saw them in items such as microwaves. But in the past there was a cost restriction to using them and really no need to make everything digital. That has changed now and that fact is no longer the true. Now with the arrival of the internet, it makes sense to have devices that are embedded that would have not been in the past. With the internet you are able to automate a lot of these devices and also make them more interactive. For example, you can run your whole household through the internet while you are at work. You can start the air conditioner, set the alarm, and watch on your video camera all without leaving your desk. And with phone type embedded devices you do not even need to be at a computer to be able to do all of this.

But with all of these newly embedded devices running around the question is whether they are safe on your corporate network. Every little device has to be properly scrutinized when it comes to the corporate network. That is because they are a big target when it comes to black hat hackers so they have to think about security all of the time. That means that you cannot just let any device on the network.

Right now what is the main discussion when it comes to devices on the corporate network are phones and tablets. Laptops have been allowed for a while now but phones and tablets are the new phenomenon. But that is right now. Soon there will be other portable devices that the system administrator will have to think about. Phones and tablets are just the beginning of the embedded revolution.

This is why system administrators are going to have to learn more about security when it comes to the hardware side of things. In the past they have had it easy because most of threats came from the software side. But with more and more different types of hardware starting to enter into the picture, hardware security education is becoming a must have for any competent person trying to secure a network the right way.

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