Are The Chances Of A Cyber War Between Nations Hyped Up?

War is a serious matter.

No matter how you look at it, when you are talking about a war between nations, then you are talking about an action with serious consequences.

There have many types of war between nations over the centuries.

There has been the tradition war where people use weaponry to make their point, and that is what most people think of when they think of war, but there have also been trade wars which is when a country stops the trade of goods and services to hurt the economy of another country.

The latter happens all of the time on both a large and small scale.

There are also information wars, where countries go back and forth sending spies to each other’s respective countries.

This is based on the fact that knowledge is power and they are trying their best to be able to top one another.

In this day and age, the weapons chosen for the next type of warfare are based in the cyber realm and the attacks have the ability to mix some of the other types of attack together.


The cyber war has a huge amount of elements from both informational warfare and also, to a lesser degree, from trade warfare.

This is because the hacks that are put together try to either steal information or stop the progress of another type of site.

I will take a look at the cyber war between nations and see if the reality is living up to the hype that you see every day on the news.

The True Purpose Of A Cyber War

Some people who are not aware of the situation fully, or do not have a grasp of the size of the internet might not realize how big a cyber war could be.

When a lot of people look at the internet and news about it they understand the threat of hackers on banking institutions but they do not understand how much our government and infrastructure rely on the internet as well.

They mostly think about the fact that their sons and daughters go on the internet to talk to people on Facebook or Twitter; they do not realize that this same vessel can shatter the stability of the country.

There are many systems when it comes to the government that is attached to the internet, and there are many that are not.

The power infrastructure of the nation is not attached to the internet as so many movies would have you believe – it is actually on a different network all together.

But that doesn’t mean that someone could not use the internet to get valuable information for that private network.

Someone who works on it might keep their password or some other piece of information in their email account.

This is the type of loose information that foreign governments send their hackers in to look for.

They want this type of loose piece of information that will allow them to do real damage to a nation of they had to.

While sabotage plays a big role in other countries attacking each other through the internet, information about each other is a bigger motivator.

When you are dealing with world politics, the more information you can get about a country, the better off you are.

This is why countries send their best and brightest in to try and get information.

They want to be able to cause real damage and information is the commodity that will do that.

If a country knows the resources that you have and where your weapons are placed at, they will be able to counteract that when they launch their own attack.

This is a huge advantage and something that must not undervalued.

Which Countries Are Most Likely To Be Involved In A Cyber War?

The great thing about the internet is that anyone is allowed to get on.

So that means no matter the size and strength of the country, anyone is able to use it to their advantage.

But there are several countries out there who put a lot of money and resources into their cyber attacks.

While the USA and many western nations put a lot of money into cyber warfare with other countries the most aggressive is probably China.

China has many hackers that are waiting to serve their nation.

It is considered an honor and a privilege among the hacker community there.

China may not the only one but they are probably the most aggressive.

When it comes to cyber warfare the threat is definitely real but we are not in the middle of an all out battle royal yet.

But it could come soon.

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