Are The British Royal Family Shapeshifting Lizards? (Stop Sniggering At The Back!)

I enjoy reading about conspiracy theories because they are like good thrillers that make me exercise my brain and think.

There are a couple of theories that I believe hold a degree of truth but, on the whole, I am a non-believer.

This theory, that the British Royal Family are Reptilian aliens, just makes me laugh though!


Whilst it’s true that some of the politicians in Britain may be as slippery as the snake above, that would just be a figure of speech and not meant in the literal sense.

Some people, however, really do believe that Reptilian aliens hold positions of great power in the world – check out this interview that has been attributed to Christine Fitzgerald, a former confidante of the late Princess of Wales.

Then there is David Icke who just about every conspiracy theorist must have heard of.

The former footballer and BBC reporter has produced many books and videos which claim that humanity is in fact under the influence of alien reptiles who have a regular need for human blood in order to maintain their own fake human appearance.

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Of course there is ‘evidence’ to back up such wonderful claims.

Tablets found in Sumeria tell of the Anunnaki (who yet others believe may be a reference to Bigfoot), a name which Icke has translated as meaning ‘those who from heaven to earth came’.

Further ‘evidence’ revolves around such diverse topics as child abuse, the serpent in the Garden of Eden and fluoridation.

Icke also hypothesises that there is a genealogical link between the Bush family and the House of Windsor.

Icke further theorises that these reptilians came to Earth from a constellation known as Draco and that these aliens exert a high level of control over the planet.

Could this in any way be true?

Personally, I find this conspiracy theory to be a little too bizarre and wonder if Icke could actually be a stooge whose purpose is to invite ridicule in order to lessen the impact of other theorists who may actually stumble upon bona fide information in their research of other subjects.

What do you think?

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  1. We once burned people for saying the world was round. Then burned people when “mad” people said Earth is NOT the centre of the universe. What else are “mad” people saying tht could be true? “Stranger things are in Heaven & Hell than the mind can conceive”

  2. I think he may have forgotten to take his meds lmao.

  3. How foolish, reptiles, come now. Rubbish.

    Everyone knows the royal family are all descendants of a werewolf. Hemopheliacs was the official diagnosis. But that ws a cover. Queen victoria was scratched by a werewolf at the torchwood house in 1870 something

  4. Michael Bland says:

    If they really are secret reptilian aliens shouldn’t somebody tell Camilla she had better change into a human or risk giving the game away? Stupid theories such as this one takes away credence away from the real dark and dangerous events that mankind and those in power get away with…

  5. mark harrison says:

    The royal family are lizards even harry and william! If we dont act now we will soon be powerless against them!! open your eyes!!!

  6. Frankly, lizards would *never* have ears like Charles, so I think we can lay this one to rest right here.

    It’s a simple logic, but I believe it to be sufficient.


    • Ha ha, you make a good point Justin – if these ‘reptiles’ are so far advanced they surely they could have chosen better bodies to use huh? 😀

  7. You wrote this just for me to comment on didn’t ya 😀

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