Are The Antivirus Companies Doing Enough To Protect Your System?

The protection of the computer that we are on is our number one concern when we use the internet.

We have all heard of the stories about the bad guys being able to get into your system and taking all of the information away from us.

No-one wants that to happen to them, even if they truly believe that they have nothing to hide.

So when it comes to the security of your system, there are two companies that you have to rely on to make sure that it doesn’t happen.


One of the companies is whoever made the operating system that you are using, the other company is whoever makes that antivirus software that you are using.

These are the people who you trust with your protection when you surf the web so you must be sure that they are doing enough to keep you safe.

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Yourself Safe Online?

Before we take a look the companies who make the software that you are using, let’s take a good long look at yourself first.

We must make sure that you are doing everything that you can to make sure that your web browsing is a safe experience –

  • Do you follow all of the rules that you are supposed to?
  • Are you checking to make sure that you scan everything that you download?
  • Are you checking email messages from people that you do not know?
  • Are you going to web sites that are shady in nature and clicking on links that are the same?

If you are not doing all of the above then you are putting yourself at risk no matter what software that you use.

You must always be vigilant when you are surfing the web.

Are The Security Vendors Taking Your Security Seriously Enough?

Now that you have done a self check to make sure that you are doing everything right let’s take a look at the antivirus companies that are supposed to be put in charge of the protection of our computers.

As a whole, the industry is fighting the battle from a defensive stance.

That means that they are only reacting to what the bad guys do.

They find it hard to guess what the next type of attack is going to be so they are only able to play defense.

Some people feel that it is not enough but the only way to play offense is to white list web sites and downloads.

Having that type of strategy is unrealistic given how the internet works now.

So for right now, they can only play defense.

Other than that, the companies are doing fine and must be commended for the job that they are doing.

Some antivirus software is better than others (I recommend reading antivirus reviews) and some are strong in some places and weak in others.

You must choose the ones that fit the way that you use the computer best.

If you are wondering if the antivirus companies are doing enough, then you should stop wondering.

While they are not perfect, they are doing their best.

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