Are Open Source Projects With Paid Developers More Secure Than Ones That Use Volunteer Developers?

The word open source brings about different thoughts from different people.

Most of the people in the world do not know anything about open source.

If you say that word to them then they would be clueless.

Most people know about software on the computer and that is it.

They have no idea on what the license of the software that they use is.

For the people who do know, it still holds a myriad of opinions.

Some people believe that open source is a bad thing which results in shoddy work and projects that are not as secured as the paid versions.

Other people believe that open source software is the wave of the future and it is going to share the world of computing knowledge with the masses.

While the majority of the tech world believes that open source is a good thing there is more than enough negative opinion to listen to both sides.

So the question that we have here is whether open source software is done better by paid professionals or is it done better by people who volunteer.

I will take a look at this and see if we can come up with a solution.

do paid developers make more secure open source projects?

do paid developers make more secure open source projects?

What Does Open Source Software Mean?

As Isaid earlier in the article, there are a lot of people out there who do not even know what open source software means.

All they know is that they use software and if it works it works and if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

So for the people who are not initiated, open source means that the source code behind the software that is created is freely able to be downloaded by whoever wants it.

This means that if you need the software to be able to do something in particular then all you will have to do is to download the source code and recompile the software.

Some people tend to think that all open source software means free.

That is not the case.

There are several different open source licenses out there that you can choose from and depending on which one you do choose you can sell the project or not.

For example, with the GPL license, which is one of the more famous licenses out there, you can not only change the software but you can repackage it and sell it as well.

All of this is possible as long as you provide the source code.

So now that you know what open source software means, let’s see if it is more secure coming from paid people or free volunteers.

Is It More Secure If The People Are Being Paid For It?

There are no official studies that answer this question but it is true that a lot of the more stable open source software projects out there have paid volunteers on the staff.

One of the most famous examples of open source software, Linux, has more paid people that contribute to the code than unpaid.

And as I said earlier, Linux is one of the most stable open source projects out there.

But then as a counter point you have WordPress.

While WordPress does have paid volunteers working on the source code most of the people who make changes are people who do it for free.

Some people might think this is the best example because WordPress does have some security problems but Linux does as well.

The good thing about having paid people work on an open source project is that you know that they are going to pay attention as long as they are getting paid.

While they might have worked on the project for free, getting paid to do the work means that they have an extra incentive.

If you are worried about security on an open source project that doesn’t have any paid contributors then make sure that the project has a good amount of people working on it and that they are a passionate community.

A passionate community can get just as much done as a paid member.

There are people in the open source community who are really fanatical about the software that they use.

This means that they will take a lot of time to make sure that it is right, security issues and everything else.

When you have a project that has people like that you can pretty much be reassured that you are using a good product.

Open Source has to be judged on the project itself and not just because it is open source.

There is both a good and bad side of a project being licensed in this way.

The security of the project depends on the people and not their incentive to contribute.

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