Are Facebook About To Start Charging A Monthly Fee From July 9th 2010?

What do you think?

With something like 400 million or more members Facebook could make huge amounts of money if they so wished, but how would they go about it?

Currently there are emails circulating around the internet, not to mention blog posts and comments on forums, that suggest that Facebook will charge users for basic access to the service.


I’ve heard all sorts of figures quoted too, ranging from $3.99 to as much as $14.99 per month.

That sounds outrageous but do not fear because it simply isn’t true.

(There have been similar hoaxes in the past, such as Facebook being ‘overpopulated’ or MSN ‘closing down’)

If you receive such an email, or see a Facebook group of around 200,000 people protesting, then chuckle to yourself and remember that Facebook themselves have said that they have no plans to monetise the basic service.

Whilst that could possibly change in the future I personally don’t imagine that it will as I would guess a large number of users would baulk at paying a monthly fee.

In the meantime do not forward this hoax to your friends and family as it just isn’t true.

Also, I would recommend that you do not click any links in such emails if you receive them – I haven’t heard of any links to malware yet but the authors of viruses and spyware are always on the lookout for popular news stories which have accompanying emails that they can hijack for their nefarious purposes.

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  1. It says: Sign up! its free! (and always will be!)

  2. carolyn says:

    i can’t chat or even get my messages how come


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