Are Employees Endangering Your Enterprise By Using Their Smart Phones At Work?

For at least the past thirty years, the computer has been an important part of the work place. At least for most businesses that are out there. Sure there are still a lot of blue collar jobs out there but for the most part the work life has been computerized and people seem to be getting the hang of it. As an employer you should be glad that your employees know how to handle computers well. It allows you to be able to make your office more efficient. It also allows communication to be that much better. But as good as technology has been when it comes to the office there has also been some bad well.

Are Employees Endangering Your Enterprise By Using Their Smart Phones At Work?

Some of the technology that is being brought in to make life easier is also becoming a security threat as well. This includes the new smart phone technology that is coming out. Smart phones are becoming an item that is a must have for people who are at all stages in their life. Where in the past smart phones were only used by people who had the money to afford them, now they have become so cheap that everyone has them.

That normally would not be a problem but because of the power of these phones, they represent a serious threat to any work related network that you might have. What a lot of people do not realize about these phones is that they are like mini computers in your pocket. Most of the phones that are out there are more powerful than most of the computers that were released over 5 years ago. This means that the phones have the ability to compute a large set of problems very easily. Black hat hackers are using that fact to their advantage.

When the person uses their phone at work, they will usually hook the phone into the local WIFI. This allows them to save on data usage charges. Most of the time, the actual phone has no security protection on it at all. This gives a black hat hacker the chance to connect to the local network without being detected. The piece of malware that is installed can either then use the phone itself or use another piece of technology in the building to cause havoc with the network.

This is not as easy it seems. First of all most phones work on an ARM based architecture and not on x86 as most computers do. So hackers have to account for that or their program will not work. There are a few more caveats to get a vicious hack working but, for the most part, an unchecked smart phone can represent problems to your work network.

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