Are Crop Circles Really Created By UFOs?

By the way, did you know that crop ‘circles’ are almost never circular?

You do now!


Crop circles first became a widely known phenomenon in the 1970s with most discoveries centred around wheat fields in Britain.

Those with a conspiratorial mind are inclined to believe that crop circles are either some sort of mystical communication from aliens or that they are caused by UFOs either landing on or hovering above the wheat.

They may believe that common sense suggestions as to the origin of crop circles are, in fact, an attempt by the government to conceal their real meaning.


In reality, however, virtually every crop circle thus discovered has been confirmed as a hoax.

For instance, in 1991 artistic UFO fans David Chorley and Doug Bower admitted to faking some 250 crop circles in England, including some of the earliest ones from the 1970s.

They explained that they made the crop circles with a combination of their feet, string and a board.

However, there are some crop circles that cannot be so easily dismissed.

In such cases tests have revealed that the biological structure of the crops has been altered and there have been cases of local magnetic fields that have caused malfunctions in equipment.


Scientists believe that these particular circles may be caused by eddies in the Earth’s magnetic field or concentrations of electrically charged gas.

Do you believe that scientists can explain the non-hoaxed crop circles or do they really have a deeper extra-terrestrial meaning?

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  1. People can make crop circles. And there are some companies that will make them for you. But over 50 appear overnight every year, in england, in North America, Australia, Russia, (and maybe someone knows of additional places).
    The motive for this is unclear. Also it would have to be more than one person, as some of these shapes are pretty big. Teams that have been commissioned to replicate previously seen crop circles for a movie shoot haven’t even been able to finish it in one day. I think this is why people start coming up with alternative explanations. I also think it is easier to just dismiss it and move on to checking out some more diverting news as this kind of messes with your mind when you seriously try to figure out how it is accomplished, much less what the motive is, or who is doing it. It may require throwing out some things we thought were a certain way. And that just doesn’t seem necessary.

    • Crop circles is a fascinating subject and I do have to confess that my views on them, and UFOs, do tend to change from time to time.

      Some/many/all are explainable and yet there is still some doubt.

      I don’t believe UFOs are coming here and creating them, yet I believe that would be an interesting proposition at the same time.

  2. Red Collie says:

    As someone who has researched crop pictures since 2002, I would like to point out that almost all of the skeptical article written above, as well as comments below, remain incognizant of recent well-reported facts.

    On July 7, 2007, three researchers (Winston Keech, Gary King and Paula Presdee Jones) set up four sensitive cameras on top of a hill near East Field in Wiltshire, and at 3 AM after a brief flash of “sheet lightning”, caught on camera a new 300-meter crop picture that formed in less than 15 minutes, with no (zero) humans present in the large and open field below.

    The Norweigian film-maker, Terje Toftenes, then gave a news conference in Alton Barnes, which was reported by a local paper( and the BBC (
    Thus in summary, the main gist of what was written above seems both unknowlegable and also factually incorrect.

    • What do you say to the hoaxers who have come forward and confirmed that they created these crop circles then????

    • In relation to Red Collies comment which states that Mr Terje Toftnes made public footage of a circle which was filmed appearing in a flash in under 15 minutes. Mr Collie accuses the writer of being factually innacurate yet fails to state the following innacuracies in his own post.

      Firstly the footage has been properly analised and you can infact see the circle being made all night long. It doesnt just appear in 15 minutes. Mr Toftenes as a well respected documentary producer has now gone on the record to say that he now realised this footage was incorrect and he has reversed his position on it and also totally renounced crop circles as being the work of people. Sadly Mr Collie refuses to look at the evidence of humans making circles.

  3. Why are most crop circles found in Britain?

  4. Pfffft, some people want to believe in the weirdest of things.

  5. I think you would have to be quite dimwitted to believe that aliens are responsible for bending some wheat.

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