Are Cloud Services Safe Enough For Your Important Files?

What do people mean when they say the cloud? That is a question that you are starting to hear more and more. And that is with good reason. Every day when you watch TV you see people talking about cloud computing. It is in the news shows and it is in the commercials that we see as well. The world of cloud computing is upon us so you should be ready for it.

cloud services

So what is cloud computing?

To put it simply, could computing is the ability to be able to use an app on the server instead of on the desktop. It really is that simple of a definition. For example, even though it may not seem like it GMail is an example of cloud computing. Or another example is storing your files on a remote server with a service like Dropbox. These are both an example of cloud computing. Any service where you have to interact with the server pretty much falls under the definition of cloud computing. So you might be asking yourself why are they making a big deal about it now. The reason why is because you are starting to see even more services than before head to the cloud. Applications that we never thought would be considered cloud apps are now falling into that category.

So is it safe?

When it comes to interacting with cloud applications that is the question that most people want answered. They want to know if their data is going to be safe being stored in the clouds. While there are some drawbacks, for the most part cloud computing is safe. And it is safe for many reasons. First of all, they have years and years of security procedures to draw upon when it comes to protecting their servers. Another reason why they are safe is because the protection around the servers of most cloud companies is state of the art. When it comes to protection they know what they are doing. The last reason why it safe to keep your important files in the cloud is because most cloud solutions offer a solution called redundant back up. That means that they store your files in more than one place and if anything happens they can retrieve them easier.

So when it comes to cloud services you should feel safe about storing your files. While no solution is foolproof it should be more than adequate to fulfill your needs.

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