Are Click To Play Plugins A Smart Idea?

While most people do not see the difference when it comes to browsers if you are a power user this is not true. You really do know the differences between the browsers that are available in the market and you want to be sure that you pick the right one. This decision can be a little harder than you might believe. While it is easy to pick a browser to use in the beginning because it is free, there is more at play that you have to worry about when it comes to future use. After you use a browser for a while you sort of get locked in because you have made such an investment in the platform. And what we mean is an investment in time and not money. You have set everything in place that you want and you have the right extensions setup. So moving to a new browser after all this can really be a pain.


But there are some features that the competing browsers might offer later on down the line that your browser does not have. There might be a feature that makes web browsing more easy to do and you do not have that in your browser. Or there might be a certain extension that you want to use and it is not available in your browser of choice. There are a lot of factors that can be in play that would want to you to change your mind about using the browser. So if you want to make the change you have to be sure that you are serious and it is not something that you take lightly.

But we can also go the opposite way and there might be a change to your favorite browser that might make you want to switch to another one. These days most browsers are going by what is known as rapid release. This means that they release a new version of the browser every few months. And that means that there is the potential of something that you do not like being added every few months. And if this thing that is added is something that you cannot change then you might be very upset.

For example, there are people up in arms over a new change that Firefox has just announced they will be implementing. This change is a security one and it could really affect how easy the browser is to use. What the change will do is force you to upgrade any plugins that are considered to be out of date. They do not even necessarily have to be considered a security problem; if they are considered out of date then you will not be able to use them without clicking on a consent box. The plugins to be affected are ones such as Flash, Shockwave, Java, and several others. If you are trying to browse the web quickly that kind of distraction can start to be a real nuisance. But it really makes sense when it comes to security purposes because older plugins are a big cause of security problems when it comes to browsers. So the browser makers are just trying to cut the problem off at the pass.

So the question becomes what is better, ease of use of the product or the security of the product. In the past the easy answer would be the ease of use of the product. But with so many security issues these days I am not so sure anymore.

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