Are China At It Again With South Korea?

Yesterday’s cyber attack against South Korea, originally thought to have originated from the North, may have had another source. Strangely, and I’m sure you’d never suspect such a country in a million years, the finger of suspicion may have switched over to…. China.


Whilst investigations into the attack on internet service provider LG Uplus is ongoing South Korean officials have said that it originated from an IP address in China. The attack crippled several banks – Nonghup Bank and Shinhan Bank – and news broadcasters – KBS, MBC and YTN.

Whether that IP address gives the final word on the origin of the attack remains to be seen as they are easy to spoof but the likelihood of it being China is just about the same as North Korea in my opinion. Tensions between the two halves of Korea have been high recently (read more on that here) and China of course has, so it has been claimed, been responsible for several high profile hacks against similar institutions lately, such as the likes as the Federal Reserve and The New York Times.

photo: L2F1

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