Are Captcha Codes On Their Way Out?

For years when you wanted to fill out a form on the internet there was always one piece of technology that you ran across. No matter if it was filling out a comment on a blog or signing up for a forum, you were almost guaranteed to see this technology. And that technology is the one that is called Captcha. While it has been an effective technology in the past it has not always been perfect. It served a purpose in the past but does it still in the present time? I do not think so.

What is a Captcha exactly?

A Captcha is a piece of technology that allows you to verify that you are human before you interact with a web page. It does this by offering you several letters to fill out in the form. If the letters are correct then it verifies that you are a human. If they are not correct then it will not let you submit the rest of the form. The reason why filling out the letters is so unique is because the letters are distorted so that it is hard for a computer to be able to read it. Only humans are supposed to be able to translate the letters correctly. But that has not been the case lately.

The last days of Captcha technology

In the past few years, both black hat and white hat hackers have found ways to get around the Captcha technology. It started a few years ago with white hackers finding a way to have 80% accuracy with a computer filling out the Captcha letters. Recently the attacks have gotten more efficient than that. And it is the black hat hackers who are leading the way when it comes to cracking this technology.

What is needed is a new way to be able to protect your web site. What good is a Captcha system if the bad guys are able to get past it? Sure the technology was great before but that is no longer the case. Now you have to worry about spambots taking over your comment section and in your forums. A new solution is needed soon or web sites all over will be in trouble. The web was turning into spam wasteland before Captcha technology matured and it might again.

While we are still going to see Captchas on web site for a couple of more years it is more than likely going to be replaced by a better solution soon.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Captcha codes should be on its way to being phased out. Several of them are directly illegible. Try to see this example of a Chaptcha code: ( ) which almost tells the potential customer: “No potential customer, you may NOT contact me”. 🙂
    There are other ways to manage comment spam. Akismet is one of them. It easily integrates into WordPress blogs and sites based on WordPress.

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