Are Blackberries Still The Most Secure Phone Now That The Encryption Has Been Hacked?

There is a war going on in the land of technology. It is a war that is visible to everyone that has a TV set and a businessman, teenager, or young adult in the household. This war is a petty war but it is pretty interesting. The war is about which smart phone is the best one.

Smart phones are the new it device to have and everyone wants to have the best one.

While it may seem, because of the hype, that the IPhone has the number one market share in America when it comes to the smart phone wars, that is actually not the case at all. The number one phone when it comes to market share is still the Blackberry.

This smart phone has been the most popular one for years now.

While it is the number one phone as far as market share right now, there are several competitors on the horizon and a new problem that they now have is that their security technology has been ‘broken’  just like the other phones that are out there. The one thing that the Blackberry phones were known for over all of the other phones that were out there was that they were more secure. That is why the Blackberry is still used so strongly in the business world. Those people believe that their data is safer on a Blackberry than it is on another type of phone so recent developments may surprise them.

Are Blackberries Still The Most Secure Phone Now That The Encryption Has Been Hacked?


A security research firm in Russia, Elcomsoft, are now selling a product that allows the user to unlock password protected backups.

The software product that they are selling will allow you to be able to retrieve your password when it is lost. If you have ever lost your password to your Blackberry, previously you had to erase the data on the phone and start all over again. Now all you have to do is to order this product and you will be able to use your Blackberry once again.

While this is an extremely useful I would be very surprised if the technology behind this tool isn’t reverse engineered and then used for nefarious purposes. So while you can see why the company did it and it is good that they found the hole, it is also easy to see how a tool like this can come back and bite the Blackberry community in the behind.

So are Blackberries still more secure than the other smart phones that are out there?

Even before the hack, we are not sure that the Blackberry is more secure than the other modern smart phones that are out there. While this was the case at one time, the other phones have caught up when it comes to protection. Not only that, there are plenty of applications that are available in both the IPhone and the android app stores that will allow you to add security features to the phone that are currently missing. This means that even before the hack, while the blackberry brand might have been more secure, it was not by much. Now that the hack has happened, you can probably safely say that the phones are at least even when it comes to security.

The amounts of security apps that are available for the other phones on the market really do narrow the gap. The hack that has hit the blackberry encryption level is really bad for the creators of the brand. They can no longer tout the security of the device as they once did. While for the most part, the phone is still secure, it might not have the title as the most secure phone on the market for very much longer.

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  1. I know this was written a while ago but I wanted to point out how wrong you are.

    1) This does NOT crack black berry encryption. Blackberry use AES256 BIT that is IMPOSSIBLE to crack.

    2) This does not attack the device at all. Only backups

    3) Back ups are more vulnerable because the are only encrypted using File encryption which (If not implemented correctly) can be subject to Known-plain-text attacks. This is why with file encryption an integrity check (often in the form of HMAC) is needed. This is normally forgotten or left out by devs. This is also why FDE or Encrypted containers are more secure as they do not have these issues.

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