Are Antivirus Programs Even Necessary In This Day And Age?

In the beginning when the first wave of internet crashers came aboard, people were merrily going down the electronic highways unaware of the bad things that could happen to them. They just knew that they would see new stories on the news every night about the wonders of the internet and they wanted to be able to join in on the fun. So you started to see everyone join in and not just the tech geeks who it catered to before. But when everyone started to come online, they started to learn that there were bad elements to the online world as well as the good. And they were not prepared.


To protect themselves they were told that they needed special programs that would help them. One of the types of programs that were brought in to help them was called an antivirus. Its main job was to make sure that any program executable or any other type of file downloaded to the computer would not be able to harm it. And for the most part the software worked. While it was not able to catch 100% of the malware downloaded to the person’s computer it was able to catch a majority of them. But then malware started to change.

The bad guys were not sending the malware through normal files as much as they used to. That was only one of their attacks now. Now they were using browser exploits and things of that nature to deliver the attacks. This is stuff a lot harder for the average antivirus program to detect. Now you need other types of program to be able to help defend you and not just the antivirus programs. So did the antivirus programs become useless?

To some people they are. And some of these people are even experts in the field of computer security. They think that people know how to spot malicious files now so they do not have to worry about it as much. But even experts in the field can be wrong. You still very much need antivirus programs on your computer. Most people can’t recognize malicious files even though they may seem obvious to people who are computer savvy. What may seem obvious to an expert is still a mystery to someone who only uses their computer once a day.

So get as much protection as you can when it comes to your online habits. It is better to have too much than too little.

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