Are All Your Computer Programs Up To Date? New SpamFighter Tool Will Let You Know

Are all the programs on your computer up to date? You may not know or, like me, you may think you know only to be proven wrong. SpamFighter have released a new tool – OUTDATEfighter – today that can help you out though.


After a 2 second download and quick installation you can use this new tool to check the status of all your installed programs as well as your Windows operating system.


Simply click on the Scan for Program Updates button and you are off.

The program will look for anything on your system that has an update available…


It will then report back on how many, if any, software updates are available. Keeping your software up to date is always a good idea in terms of both functionality and security.


You can also use the program to check for any outstanding updates to your Windows operating system, both critical and optional.

This is where I got a surprise – I was absolutely certain I had Windows 7 SP1 installed. I mean, I know I had. Hadn’t I?

Obviously not at the time but, thanks to this tool, I have now!


You can also check to see if there are any optional Windows updates you may want have previously overlooked.

So, as I now know, it was well worth checking my own system. ¬†— OUTDATEfighter —¬†Will you check your system now?

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