Are Adult Web Sites Getting Worse As Far As The Security Of Your Computer Is Concerned?

There are many different types of sites that you visit when you search the web.

Some of the sites may be personal in nature and you do not want anyone to know about them.

Most of the time, the sites that fit into these categories are known as adult web sites or porn sites.

Even though most do not like to talk about it, millions of people, both men and women, visit these sites every day but visiting these types of web sites hold a higher risk for you than other sites.

Black hat hackers usually target adult sites as places to put their malware at when they are trying to find their next victims.

And so far, the security on these types of sites is not getting any better.

In fact, it is getting worse.

I will discuss what you should do to avoid your computer from becoming infected from malware on sites such as this.

be VERY careful when visiting adult sites

be VERY careful when visiting adult sites

Adult Sites And Malware

There are several different types of adult sites that you can visit but all of these types of sites have a particular danger that you should worry about.

The first example is the picture gallery site.

A picture gallery site is one of the most popular types of adult web sites on the web.

The way that you can be attacked on here is by downloading a file that you may believe is a picture.

When you look at the picture, sometimes you will see a button that says click here is you want to download it.

Many people click the button and they do not bother checking the file extension or if the picture downloads and they do not scan it with an antivirus program.

In many cases the file usually ends up being an .exe executable file and when the person clicks on it, they release a virus onto their system.

If you are going to download a picture, make sure that you check the file extension first to be sure that it is either a .jpg, .gif, or .png file and scan it afterwards – this can save you a lot of pain later on.

The other type of adult web site that is popular is the video site.

Here you can go and visit the site and watch a ton of videos for free but there is a danger on here as well.

Most of the danger comes from the Flash format that the sites use to play the video.

With a flash file, a site can have you execute a piece of code unwittingly.

Flash has a history of being unsecured technology and the video format is just as bad.

So if you want to avoid having your computer become infected on these types of sites then you should make sure that you go to reputable sites.

All adult sites are not on the same level when it comes to trustworthiness so make sure that you go to one that has a pretty good reputation.

Since you are going to the site to watch the videos, it is pretty hard to use Flashblock to protect yourself so your only choice is to go somewhere that you trust.

When it comes to the security aspect of running a web site, Adult sites are not getting better.

So it is up to you to protect yourself when you visit one.

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