Apple Loses The Benefit Of Security Through Obscurity As Dodgy Email Targets iPad Users

When a new technology is released to the public there are always going to be early adopters.

When it comes to computers and electronics in general a lot of times some of those early adopters are criminals.

Now there is word out there that there is a wave of emails that are targeting people who have bought the IPad.

This is not surprising since criminals are always on the front line when it comes to adopting new technology to do crimes with.

Fortunately, a good amount of people will not be affected by this scam since most of the people who bought the IPad are Apple users and, since sales of their computers are very low in percentage terms, they are rarely targeted.

Email Scam Attempts To Trick Early iPad Users

The email that is being sent around is actually an interesting way to try and attack new IPad users.

The attack mainly targets Windows users of the new IPad.

No-one was expecting an attack on the IPad this early, so those behind it might be able to get away with this for awhile.

The email that is being released to the IPad-using public states that the person needs to go to a web site so that they can update the software for the machine.

If they do not go to the web site to get this update then, ironically, the letter states that the person is at risk of infection.

If the person does go to the web site and tries to install the update, they get another surprise instead.

The actual “update” software will upload a program that will give the users a back door to the person’s computer.

A back door means that the attacker will have access to the person’s machine whenever they want it.

Not only do they have a back door to the computer, they can also take control of the entire machine.

This is really not good for the person who owns the computer!

Window users have had to deal with exploits like this before so, hopefully the attack will not be able to affect that many users.

Apple’s Popularity Has Diminshed The Benefit Of Security By Obscurity

With the Apple brand and products becoming more and more popular its users are going to have to be more aware of the various attacks that can target them.

Apple products used to have the advantage of security by obscurity since their products only made up around 8% of the computing market.

Now that their IPhone, and now the IPad has become popular, they will soon start to be targeted on a regular basis.

In the future it will not only be Windows users who are subjected to new attacks.

If you are an IPad owner, just because an email may seem legitimate, you still should double check to make sure.

You do not want your machine to be taken over by black hat hackers, so make sure that anything that you install will not compromise the machine.

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