Apple: Get The Flash Out Of Here

Are you a Mac OS X 10.6, Lion or Mountain Lion user? If so, Apple have your back covered where it comes older, insecure versions of the Flash plugin.

“To help protect users from a recent vulnerability, Apple has updated the web plug-in-blocking mechanism to disable older versions of the web plug-in: Adobe Flash Player.”
Apple Support

This security feature has been actioned via the plugin blocking tool that Apple built into Safari so you likely don’t actually need to do anything in order to protect yourself. Otherwise, if you are running an older version of Flash, and attempt to view such content in your Safari browser then you’ll receive a message saying “Blocked Plug-in”.

Selecting that will lead to the following alert being displayed –


Apple is blocking older versions of Flash via its ‘Xprotect.plist’ file which prevents versions older than the current one (v.11.6.602.171) being used on your Mac.

Now, if only Windows had something like this to prevent users from continuing with insecure versions of Flash. Likewise, the same with Java too considering the issues that have surrounded that recently.

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