App Corruption And The iTunes App Store

In the past decade there have been a lot of wonderful tech innovations that have come down the pike. We have seen the internet grow more than anyone would have ever thought that it would. And we have seen mobile devices go to a place that we thought we would have to wait another 20 years to see. And the devices that have been leading the way have been Apple based devices. They have been a marvel of modern technology and that mode of innovation was led by Steve Jobs.


The main leader of the pack has been both the IPad and the IPhone. These two devices were able to mix both high end technology and beautiful design to make a device that a lot of people wanted to use. When you got an IPhone you knew that you were getting a device that was top of the line and that would be the envy of all your friends. Well, that may have been true at one point but it seems like now that everyone has an IPhone so you might not get as much envy as you once did. But the devices themselves are still pretty remarkable and are something that if you purchased you would find yourself very happy with.

But while the devices are great pieces of tech, people tend to forget that they are after all just mini computers and they have the same problems that other computers tend to have. One of the problems that these devices have is that people think that they are safer than they really are. That has been a problem with Apple for a long time now. People would think that the computers were not able to become infected by the bad guys of the internet. But the truth is the devices were always able to become infected but took up only a small part of the market so no one came after them. But now that the popularity of the devices has risen, you are starting to see more and more security issues arise with the phone.

Just recently we saw a problem with app corruption in the iTunes app store. The itunes app store has always thought to have been safer than the Android app store because the Apple people heavily moderate the apps that come into the app store. And so far that has been the case. But just recently something went wrong which led to corrupted downloads. So far no attacks have been reported yet but this could perhaps be seen as something that an attacker could do to get their malware on some of the iPhones out there.

You have to make sure that you protect yourself no matter what device that you are on. The bad guys are always going to be trying get after you, especially if you are using a very popular device like the iPhone. And once they keep trying they will be able to find a way in eventually.

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