Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Glorious Achievement Or 40 Year Hoax?

Forty years ago today man stepped foot on the surface of the moon.

Or so they say.


I’ve previously looked at some of the reasons why the moon landing may have been a hoax or a conspiracy –

Part 1 – Setting up the moon landing conspiracy

Part 2 – Possible motives for faking the landing

Part 3 – Covering it up

Part 4 – Hushing it up

Part 5 – No Return

Part 6 – Aliens

Part 7 – Faked Photos

Part 8 – Video Evidence

But today, on the anniversary of the moon landing, I was wondering again what you think.

Was the moon landing faked or was it really one of mankind’s crowning achievements?

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  1. The moon landings were not hoaxes. If you do any research it’s plain to see how pathetic the conspiracy is. Instead of believing other people’s already pre conceived notion about those events, you should start to investigate using independent sources of information and you too will find that we landed on the moon….every time…without doubt.

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