Anyone Had A Call From 091148?

I just received a telephone call from a strange phone number.


Dialling 1471 afterwards, in order to find out who it was from, I discovered that the number was 091148.

Six digits isn’t anything like a standard British phone number.

Anyways, the caller told me that my email address had been selected from a list of UK landlines and that I was set to receive a £99 free holiday pass.

Having written about scams for so long I was wise to what this could be and refused to play along.

The caller, who sounded Indian, was quite insistent about wanting to know my postal address.

After asking him half a dozen times what the call was about, he hung up.

Has anyone else received a call from this number?

Can anyone confirm whether it is a scam or not?

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  1. Sick of these calls 091148 they are calling every day there is no one there I don’t answer them now, it’s been going on for over 6 months pleased I’m not the only one

  2. G. Ward says:

    For several weeks I have been receiving calls from 091148. Usually the caller hung up as soon as I answered the phone. Then about a week ago, then phone rang, I picked it up and an Indian sounding gentleman started a conversation with me.

    “Mr Waad, I am calling about your PPI loan you are having with your bank OK. You are taking out a loan with them yes.”

    “Yes I did, thank you for calling but it was for a large business loan.”

    “Yes, very good Mr Waad, what was this loan for an how much is the amount of the loan?

    “The loan was to purchase a Bangalore registered business with a UK affiliate, the amount of the loan was £2.5 million. I just paid it off in January.”

    “Very good Mr Waad, did you miss any payments, and please can you be telling me the name of the company you are?”

    “No I never missed a payment and the name of the company I bought, my company now is PPI Recovery for less R US. We are a company which specialises in recovering mis sold PPI protection insurance from individuals and businesses for the cheapest rate.”

    “Mr Waad, how much do you charge?”

    “Eleven and a half percent of the gross recovery plus VAT.”

    ” So Mr Waad, when you were given this loan were you missold PPI protection Insurance?”

    I had to laugh at his persistence. Since then he has circulated the rumour that there is a 2. 5 million pound loan out there and the calls have been so frequent I have almost warn out my ultra loud whistle. I have TPS but these people just ignore it.

    Next time a lady canvasser calls I think I will just put on a Chester the Molester voice and start the conversation by saying:-

    “First I am doing to take off your shoes….. next I am going to take off your shawl……then I am going to take off your Sari. Hopefully that will stop a few of them.

    • Lee Munson says:

      I can’t believe this number is still in circulation after all this time!!

      If nothing else you have to admire their persistence.

      • One can only imagine the working and remuneration conditions of the canvassers working in those boiler rooms. It is a numbers game, so for every 100 or so calls they make they will reel in a victim.

        UK banks have paid out over 15 billion pounds for mis-selling PPI protection so only a very thin slither of this pie will earn a few fat cats a fair shilling. Of course the groundlings hussling on the phones will be earning only a pittance to keep them vigorously dialing and dialing and dialling.

        That being said we do have a right to be unmolested in our homes from such an onslaught.

    • sapphire says:

      I have been getting a couple of calls a day for the past 2 weeks have reported them to ofcom

  3. Just had a call from this number…again….english bloke on the other end just said ‘er sorry wrong number’. If he is trying to sell something he’s not doing a very good job!

  4. Hey Lee couldn’t figure out how to reply on my phone, unfortunately you’re right, any company using an international number can bypass it, the company I worked for use to use international numbers even though we was based in London and now I see why, cheeky buggers.

  5. I just got a call from this number, it was PPI, she tried to tell me I have a loan (I do not) and when I asked her how she got my number she replied “It was on our database” I said “how did you get my information for your database, I didn’t hand it too PPI” she then said “Ok thank you bye bye”

    Just to let you all know, I worked for BT, I recommend you all call your current providers and ask for the TELEPHONE PREFERENCE SERVICE (TPS), it’s a free service that blocks all these kind of calls for you!

    • I have TPS and can tell you that most definitely doesn’t stop unwanted calls! Legally, I believe any company can circumvent it anyway by calling from outside the UK can’t they?

  6. Ian Vickerstaff says:

    I have been getting a lot of calls from this 091148 number for the last few months. Every time I try to answer the phone it hangs up.

    Well I don’t know if this helps people but I am with Talk Talk and I just spoke to their customer services who immediately transferred me to their technical department.

    The technician I spoke to informed me that when the caller ID is showing 091148 it indicates someone is trying to phone me with a marketing call. The reason it hangs up when I answer it is because I have paid to block marketing calls and so the Talk Talk system automatically shuts off the call. I’m quite please the for once someone seems to have this service right.

    • Thats interesting Ian – are TalkTalk saying this is a blanket number used to designate ALL marketing calls or is it specific to just one particular marketing company?

  7. Sonia Barnes says:

    Ha haha, that was fun. Called the number above and was asked for my name etc. I told her I had sought legal advice and that I wanted my number removed immediately. She try to get my details but I stated that she didnt need them. She then agreed to remove my number but strangely didnt ask me for it, I am assuming it was on her phone on display. I told her that if I kept getting these calls I would be taking legal action! Brilliant! Of note is that whenever I was contacted they asked for Mrs Smith!

  8. Every day calls from 091148. If I answer the caller rings off. Wish I knew where these calls are coming from and how I could get them to stop.

  9. I have also been getting these lately! I am on BT, our tel. no. is ex directory and already paying BT a fee to not accept ‘withheld numbers’! However, I do get both these and ‘unavailable’ calls! Seems nothing can be done as they are from abroad. I get more concerned about older people I work with, who could be disabled, struggle to get to the phone, expecting a relative!! I have number display & don’t answer, but annoying if I’m out in the garden & it could be family/friend & I’m running up steps to get indoors! If I can be bothered, I just pick up phone on ‘speaker’, don’t say anything, then they either don’t connect (no-one available to speak on the automated dialling system) or they hang up. Tried ‘wasting’ their calls but seems they’re ‘wise to that’ – cut out automatically! LOVE the WH Smith story! May try that!! HILARIOUS!! OK – these people are poor & trying to make a living doing a c**p job! But we have the right NOT to be disturbed (I work at home too on a mobile & can be in confidential conversations with elderly clients – with my landline ringing! then my poor client may say ‘oh dear perhaps you’d better answer that’!) NO! If?! I do bother, they may either get a ‘choice swear-word’ or even the whistle!!! They have no right to infringe our privacy!

  10. Tina Baines says:

    I keep on getting calls from 091148 and every time I pick up the phone is just rings off. Getting plent of exercise running to the phone but am getting mighty fed up so be warned 091148 if you do bother to talk to me you will be getting a massive piece of my mind!!

  11. I’ve decided next time they call I’m going to greet them with the name of my local Police. Then see how quick they hang up!

  12. Andrea McIver says:

    I am so sick of these calls. I don’t understand why I have to pay my service provider to be able to block these calls; I should just be able to find out who owns that number and call them!! Oh what fun I’d have. A friend had a very good ploy, which went along the lines of “oh, i’m so glad you’ve called, I’ve been desperate to speak to someone all day, so how are you?” and then pauses every now and then for a question to be asked but generally just keeps changing the topic and at one point even bursts into tears! If I had the patience I’d do it.

  13. I got the ‘pause’ on a call today, an asian purporting to be from EAGA and altho’ I was suspicious, I listened (prev had an energy grant so thought….) he talked about benefits and insulation but then asked daft ?’s about the width of my windowsills. Outside in this weather! Struggled to catch everything – lots of background noise and spoke quickly. Said I will get a call from a surveyor. Hopefully not.

  14. tyler durden says:

    i got the same call 2day from an asian woman, asking me about my gas provider etc, then i ask where did u get this information, and she wouldnt tell me and hung up the fone.

    i hope they ring again so i can try the W H smith method.

  15. I too have received a couple of calls from this number. How they manage to leave evidence of only a few numbers from the caller I have no idea. The last one the woman (sounding Asian) said she was Jennifer from a company that I did not catch the name. When I asked her to repeat the name of the company she hung up. Apart from anything else, I was trained in an office environment and all over the world it is Rude to hang up on a person on the telephone!!! I will put the phone down next time.

    • I can’t believe this number is still causing problems and that there isn’t yet a definite answer as to what it is.

      • I have had several silent calls from this number in the last 5 days. After checking other sites I came up with this information, as it appears people all over the UK are receiving calls from them. When they actually speak to you it is usually an Asian caller, and they have your name and email address before you start!

        This number is from a company called Vonage.
        UK address 2 Temple Back East, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6EG.
        Contact numbers are:- 0800 008 6000/0207 993 9000.

        If they call you from their 091148 number ask them to remove your number from their calling list immediately. They will ask you for your other details to do this, but tell them that legally they do not require them.
        They will also try to tell you it takes up to 30 days for your number to be withdrawn – another load of twaddle. Tell them that if you receive another call from them within the next 30 days you will speak to their manager, and that if this does not resolve the issue you will be contacting your solicitor as what they are doing is classed as harassment.
        You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll help you!

  16. I have been receiving calls from this number daily – but no-one speaks – they hold silently for a few minutes when I answer then put the phone down – as if someone is tryng to find out when I am in.

    Googled and found this site and one other – I am in Kent by the way.

  17. 091148 Nothing stops these phone calls – believe me I’ve tried – like others I have threatened them too but they still ring with their insistent patter. Suggest, that, assumiong you have the time, you just keep them talking nonsense for as long as possible ( presumably they are paying for the call?) and in the end drive them mad – so that they put the phone down! Otherwise just put the phone down on them – it is a waste of time trying to talk rationally with them!

    • I love caller display – if I get an unexpected call from an unknown number then I simply ignore it.

      Its interesting, however, to note how many of these numbers ring persistently.

      Its even more interesting to then note how many of those are associated with large and well-known companies who really ought to know better than to cold call someone who has TPSS set up!

  18. Ive had this number call me a few times in the past week, and they have left one answerphone message that was just someone saying hello constantly. Last one was about 5 mins ago!!!

    As most other people I jumped straight onto google and ended up here and 1 other!

    Im going to answer it next time and go with the WH Smith comment 🙂

  19. Just got a call from that number, this came about 10 minutes after a silent call from an international number.

    For business reasons I keep a recorder connected to my phone, and, yes, I got a recording of the whole call…..

    Indian guy wasn’t the best English speaker, sounds like he said he was from “UK Servey” or “UK Savey”. Here’s how the rest of the call went….

    He said, “Good evening sir, are you with British Gas or another energy provider”

    I asked him, “what provider are you with, could you recommend a good one?”

    he said, “Please to be answering the question”

    I said, “sorry, please continue”

    he said, “what provider are you getting energy with”

    I said, “WH Smith”

    he said, “I am not seeing that company on the listings”

    I said, “you should get them on the listings as they are very cheap”

    he said, “who is providing the gas to your home”

    I said, “I provide it my self”

    he said, “which company is providing it”

    I said, “That’s right, ‘which company’ ”

    he said, “what is the company name that is providing your gas supply”

    I said, ” ‘Which’ is the company”

    he said, “I am not understanding you Sir, please be telling me who is providing the gas to your home place”

    I said, “42”

    he said, “What is 42 sir”

    I said, “It’s the meaning of life, and they also provide my gas”

    he said, “Do you know Scottish power sir”

    I said, “Yes, it’s a film with Mel Gibson in it”

    he said, “No sir, the engergy providers are British Gas, Scottish Power etc. etc. which one of these is providing your gas”

    I said, “I am all Electric”

    he said, “Who provides your Electric sir?”

    I said, “WH Smith, I told you that already”

    I said, “Would you like me to change my energy provider?”

    he said, “No sir, but please confirm how many people live in your house”

    I said, “Just me and my brother Scott Power”

    he said “could I be speaking to the other persons please sir”

    I now pass the phone to my Son who has been rolling around on the floor trying not to laugh. It takes a few seconds for him to compose him self.

    Son said, “Hello”

    he said, “Hello Sir, please could you be telling me who is the provider for your energy”

    Son said, “we are with WH Smith”

    he said, “I am not seeing that on my listings”

    Son said, “they are very good, we get free magazines from them every month”

    he said, “please confim your name to me sir”

    Son said, “you know my name”

    he said, “please confirm it to me sir”

    Son said, “Scott Power”

    he said, “your second name is Power?”

    Son said, “yes”

    he said, “you are not telling the correct details to me sir”

    Son said, “why do you think that isn’t correct?”

    he said, “what is correct sir?”

    Son said, “Why do you think I am not telling you correct details”

    he said, “your answers do not match my listings”

    Son said, “What does your listing say”

    he said, “I can not be telling you the secret details”

    Son said – passed phone back to me.

    I said, “Hello, it’s Mr Power again, what details do you have about me and my brother”

    he said, “I am not able to be telling you the details but your name is not Power Sir”

    he then hung up and I still have no idea what the hell he was after, he never asked for credit card details, perhaps I didn’t do a good enough job of leading him to that stage.

    Anyway – It was fun while it lasted, can’t wait for them to call again, I’ll be a little more convincing next time 🙂

    • Awesome response Dave!

      This really, really made me laugh when I read it. Please keep us updated if there are any further such conversations!

    • Laughing my socks off!!!I’ve had calls from these people for the last month now, Talktalk refused to block calls from witheld numbers unless I paid them extra even though I’d been getting silent calls from witheld numbers also. I’ve told at least three people from this 091148 number not to phone me again but they simply carry on asking ‘who is being your energy provider’. The last one, earlier tonight resulted in the lady, upon me quite politely saying I’d already asked them not to call me again ‘who are you to tell me…’ at that point I hung up on them….growllll!!!! They even tried phoning back an hour later!!!!!!! Now registered with the telephone preference people….fingers crossed 😮

    • dave, can i have your address please? i laughed so hard i have pulled something and it’s yourfault!
      and as they say on those tv ads ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’.
      so be a good egg and email it.
      thanks, mark.
      formally the owner of ‘chilwell manor’ attempting to get 50% off two kitchens (one for the manor and one for servants quarters) from a cold phonecaller. they thought they were on to something and got the hump when sales rep got to non existant address (postcode in sat-nav……you’ve got to love ’em!) for appointment. never called me back, wonder why.

    • I know this is a 3yr old listing, but I just got a call from this number,
      your response was brilliant.

      When they call from the UK i usually say in a quiet voice…
      “Excuse me sir, where did you get this number from?”
      “from a list”
      “Which list, this is a secure government facility, where did you get the number”

      at which point they usually hang up.

  20. Looks like their up and running again in Lincolnshire – getting daily calls – very annoying – always at the same time>

  21. Been getting calls from this number for a few weeks now. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. They always end up hanging up when they don’t get the information they are after. Today we asked for there the address and phone number that they were calling from and just got abuse and they eventually hung up, all they will say is they are from UK surveys and want to know our energy provider. They knew our phone number and our address. We are in Hampshire

    • Do you reckon it could be an energy firm trying to get you to sign up then? Or, perhaps, a third party looking to earn a commission from doing so?

  22. almostscammed says:

    Hi I arrived at your site after googling phone scams.
    Heres what happened today.

    My phone rang and caller display showed INTERNATIONAL.
    My fiance is in Italy but we normally text or skype not use landlines. I answered and an Indian sounding Mand just launched into ‘I am doing a short survey, who is your power provider is it ….’ and he listed a lot of energy utility companies like Scottish Powere, Eon etc.
    I asked who I was speaking to and although it was difficult to make out … he called himself by my nickname! I said ‘excuse me?’ and he repeated it.
    So being highly suspicious, I said ‘Im sorry I dont want to talk to you today’ and hung up while he was still muttering on about something.

    I had a similar one a few months ago claiming he was from BT … BT knew nothing about it of course.

    Im guessing he would have been about to offer me a ‘good deal’ and ask for my details 🙂

    Perhaps he was genuine, but Im taking no risks.

    • When people start asking me questions about the companies I deal with I know its time to hang up.

      Unless they can tell me the answers they are obviously not people I’ve dealt with before and there’s no way I’m giving out personal info over the phone!

  23. I have been called today, by 091148 i was asked who my gas supplier is I asked who they were trying to call they used my old “second life” name so I guess Linden Labs have been making extra money selling my details.

  24. Oh this is quite interesting : –

    Wonder if they will ever meet any of this total gibberish some poor sole had to sit and write!?

    Registered Office:

    2 Temple Back East
    Temple Quay
    BS1 6EG

    Customer Care by Phone

    Dial 150 from your Vonage line
    Or Phone: 0800 008 6000

    Or 0207 993 9000

  25. Lookylikey says:

    The calls are originating from a Company called Vonage. Their UK freefone number is 0800 008 6000.

    Ring them and tell them to remove your details immediately. At this point they will ask for your details


    Not even your name. They only need your number to remove your details, do not let them lie to you and trick you into giving them more.

    They state that it takes 30 days to stop the calls and in the meantime if you receive a call ask for their manager (we all know where that would get us!).

    Good luck all.

    • I recieved one of thes calls today, and took your advice, which was very worth while!
      Upon asking for my number to be removed I was put on ‘hold’.
      The conversation goes as follows.
      them: “Can I have your name?”
      Me: You do not require my name, only my phone number.
      them: “oh, ok.Let’s see if this works then…sorry the system needs your details”.
      Me:”Legally, you do not require any details except my phone number. This is the point where you are supposed to tell me that it will take approx’ 30 days for my number to be withdrawn. If you phone me within the next 30 days I will request to speak to your manager and then I will speak to my father who is a barrister as this will be classed as harassment.”
      Them: Let me try again…your number has now been removed from the system.”
      Me: “Goodbye”
      Them: “ok”

      • Lol, typical – might try that myself 😛

      • I got about 6 calls today from 091148 most were just silent and a couple were just bleeps.
        After finding this site (by googling 091148) I found this post.
        dialled the number (above 0800 008 6000) and on answer said ” I am receiving unwanted calls from your company and would like you to remove my number from your system.”
        I must admit I was a little disappointed when the Asian sounding man simply appologised, asked for my number and then after a moment said that he had removed it.
        I was looking forward to playing the “legal” card!!!
        This happened about 10 minutes ago, I will add a reply if the call again.

    • Thanks very much, phoned them and removed.

  26. Thought you might be interested in this link…

    6 Digit Phone Numbers in India

    Also, my skype showed the number as +449148, +44 being the internation code for the UK…is it possible this is actually a 5 digit number?

  27. My husband received a call from this number today and the Indian caller asked for me by name. As tha phone is registered with TPS and is not in my name I would like to know how he knows my full name.
    My husbad asked who he was several times, the only thing he said was that he was “sat in a very high building in London looking out of a window on a lovely day” — and I thought the whole country had it pouring with rain!!! My husband hung up the phone when the caller would not say who he was.
    I am from the far west of Cornwall so obviously they
    have now covered the whole country.

  28. Thanks “g”.
    I just got this call today and they hung up.
    I knew better than to call back as a scam was the only plausible reason.

  29. Hi
    It is a premium telephone number at 80p a minute
    Found the pricing for it in the link below

  30. Hi
    Just received same call from 091148. Indian lady saying i had won a £99 pound holiday pass.When i asked how she got my number,she said from a survey site? i asked what’s the catch and she hung up.Sounds like a telephone scam to me.I am in Sheffield by the way.

  31. just had a call from this number, and was disconnected the second i picked up. googled it instantly and arrived here. it’s strange :/

    • Yes it is – the nature of the call seems to have changed from offering something to enticing the recipient to call back.

      Therefore it still seems rather suspect to me.

  32. I just had a call which my husband answered. The man asked which electrice & gas supplier we were using & that he was not trying to sell anything. My husband passed the phone to me & i enquired who he was

    He just said ASSHOLE & disconnected the phone.

  33. Number is odd for a telephone number dont think it is Indian either.

  34. Have tried digging a little further on this number. This is a real oddity. The only information can drag up seems to imply this is a premimum rate number. I would personally not suggest that anyone call them back… Looks to me to be a £0.95 per minute callback.

    As to the TPS, well does not seem to work for us. One good solution (at least for us) would be that BT bar all calls from outside of the UK where the number is with held on our landline. Seems that is no organisation that has the power to regulate these people and make the difference actually required.

    Simple and obvious this will never happen due to revenue issues.
    Whilst they make money, I simply get very cross and bugged by them.


    • Hi Mike

      Where did you manage to locate the fact that this is a premium rate number?

      If indeed it is then it would definitely be a bad move to call them back, for obvious reasons.

  35. Just had this same number call in Devon. Never answered the phone but checked 1471. Think this is a call back type of scam with an expensive premimum number?

    By the way and just for general information, we blocked our number from receiving no number calls with BT…. But does not work for calls not made within the UK. So basically useless and not worth the monthly fee.

    • I too have blocked the ‘no number’ calls but find that some shady businesses get around it anyway.

      As for a premium number, I’m not sure – I’m still convinced that number is an internet phone.

      I could be wrong though.

  36. I’ve had it too and I’m in West Yorkshire. I’m also on TPS and ex-directory. I’d suggest random dialling but one person at least said the callers knew their names. Very dodgy. They hung up when I answered

    • That’s what I don’t understand – seems like they started talking and now hang up – I’m beginning to think they may be looking for curious people to call them back…

  37. I’m ex directory with TPS and I had this number call me a few times.I’m in Devon. The number shows on my caller display so I don’t answer the phone.

    • I’m on TPs but not too many of these marketers who still ring me seem to be bothered by that small technicality 🙁

  38. Hi there,

    I just received a call from 091148 and I’m in Bristol, so I guess there isn’t much of a geographical link. Seems to be a fairly new thing too, judging by the dates everyone has posted. I didn’t get to speak to anyone – they hung up as soon as I answered – but I was wondering if anyone else has managed to confirm that they actually have our email addresses, or if its a naughty fib and just part of the scam. Also, purely out of curiosity, does anyone know how you can have a simple 6 digit number like this?

    Im ex-directory and with TPS too, so this is certainly intriguing.

    • I don’t think anyone has confirmed whether it is a scam or not yet Rich!

      Mainly because the caller isn’t giving any information away.

      A 6 digit number suggests to me that it is an internet phone – anyone else got any thoughts on that?

  39. Just had the phone call from this number but they hung up. We live in Devon

  40. Missed a call from this number this evening. I’m in North East Scotland so is not targeting geographical area.

    • Thanks for that input Kieron.. guess it’s back to the drawing board on why certain numbers are being called then.

  41. Just had a call from 091148 31/07/08 saw it on my caller display as it was not one I recognised did not answer,but just remembered I had heard of this number before from friends.
    matelot Edinburgh

  42. Aye, I’m half an hour from Southport too.

    I’m with TPS too so don’t often get this sort of call. They never called back last night but I’ve warned hubby about it in case they call back today as he’s at home with the children today. They’re happy cos a prize from a REAL comp I entered turned up this morning and it was garden toys for them!

    • Awwwww that’s great, especially as the schools are on holiday.

      I’ve entered a few genuine competitions in my time but haven’t won anything in years.

      My only win was a good one though – tickets for the premiere of Star Wars back in 1977 🙂

      I guess I’m still baffled as to what this phone call is though…

  43. I just missed a call from this number. I thought it weird when I saw it (got caller display) so come on here to google it and found this site.

    I’m a bit out from Manchester – about half an hour out in Lancashire if that helps. Perhaps our details are on a relevant site pertaining to those areas and someone’s nicked the data?

  44. I got one today – this time a girl also with the accent. Im from Southport

    • Hmmmm… kateab below is near you… maybe they are targeting specific geographical areas at a time?

      My number is ex-directory, and I’m signed up for TPS, so I’m curious to know how they got my number.

  45. Received the same phone call. When I asked what it was about the caller put the phone down!!!!!!

    • I’m kinda hoping now that someone gets some more information out of the caller so we can be sure what this is all about.

      One interesting thing I have noticed is that almost everyone who has viewed this article is from either Manchester or London.

      I wonder if that is relevant?

      • just had the same call, they new my wife’s name but the phone is in my name. We are in Glasgow

        • Hi Chris

          This is certainly becoming ever more intriguing now then.

          I’m guessing they are getting the phone numbers out of a phone book or from a list but I’m not so sure that would explain how they knew your wife’s name.

          Has anyone else had their name mentioned by the caller?

        • they have also rang my mums house phone and its ex directory so tht cnt b the explanation for tht 1 but it sounds too wierd n im wundering if we cud contact the police to find out if they kno anything…

          wen my mum got the call she sed helo n no one replied thn they hung up n wen she dialled 1471 it was 091148!!!!!

        • If no-one said anything could it have been one of those automated bulk diallers that some marketing companies use?

      • I’ve had this call. Some other site says its a company (that happens to vary its name) called ‘UK’, ‘Verification Department’ and ‘UK Verification’. I’m in the South West!

  46. Hi Dara.

    I’m intrigued as to what this call is all about now.

    I thought one possibility is that it is some sort of marketing exercise but I do have concerns over them wanting a postal address..

  47. I’ve just had the same call.

    Before he had a chance to say anything I asked him what he wanted and he hung up straight away.

    • yes i just recieved this call, also the guy sounded indian and i dont know how he knew my email address but he had my house name wrong
      anyway im only 17 so he said i had to be 18 and he’d ring me again later.
      if i confirmed my email address does that mean somethings going to happen?

      • Hi Rebecca

        How did they get you to tell them your email address?

        Did you give out any other personal information?

        • i didnt tell them my email address they said is this your email and i said yes because it was
          and then i tried to correct my house name but he couldnt understand what i was saying

        • Personally I would be a little worried if someone knew my phone number AND my email address.

          It may be worth monitoring your bank account and perhaps requesting a credit report from Experian, just to be on the safe side.

          On the other hand, it could just be someone who has acquired your details through legitimate means but do you want to take a chance on that?

        • ok thanks i’ll keep an eye on everything
          i hope someone solves this mystery
          i’ll keep u updated if he rings back

        • Thanks Rebecca, and I hope there isn’t anything sinister in your case.

          • Catherine says:

            For the past couple of weeks I have received about 10 calls per day from this number. I have caller I.D and have always ignored the call. After finding this site I called the 0800 number and asked to be removed from their database. I had no problems at all, the Indian sounding lady asked for my number and told me I would be removed immediately. I am in Scotland by the way

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