Ants On The Brain, Part 1

This email about ants crawling into peoples’ brains is a little scary –


A little boy died because surgeons found ants in his brain!

Apparently this boy had fell asleep with some sweets in his mouth or with some sweet stuff beside him. Ants soon got to him and some ants in fact crawled into his ear which somehow managed to go to his brain. When he woke up, he did not realize that ants had gone to his head.

After that, he constantly complains about itchiness around his face. His mother brought him to see a doctor but the doctor could not figure out what was wrong with him. He took an X-ray of the boy and to his horror, he found a group of live ants in his skull. Since the ants are still live, the doctor could not operate on him cuz the ants are constantly moving about.

The boy at last died. So please be careful when leaving food stuff beside your bed or when eating in bed. This might attract ants. Most importantly, NEVER eat a sweet before going to bed. You might fall asleep and suffer same fate as the little boy.

Truth or Hoax?

What do you think?

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  1. This could happen.. once you’re dead in the middle of the Amazon Jungle.

  2. I’ll remember that!

  3. Wouldn’t that be awful?! I would think that many people over the course of time would have encountered this problem if it were true. So, I believed it to be a hoax when I read it. Only I just had to click on the link to find out! The suspense was too much! Second guessing myself here!

  4. No this story is nothing but hoax. There is no way ants or any other insect could crawl into the ears and reach the brain. The body has many self defense mechanisms to prevent it. Moreover various parts of our body is filled with various body fluids how can any insect survive in these fluids. Lastly all the insects need oxygen which is found only in dissolved state in our body how can any insect survive inside the body.

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