Antivirus And Internet Security Companies: 10 Reasons Why Your Customer Service Sucks

The world has been in recession for quite some time now and people are struggling to juggle their finances. Many businesses are having trouble too. Working in retail myself I’ve seen first hand how profits can tumble and the pressures that come with that. Fortunately, there have been no redundancies where I work but times are tough nonetheless. One of the reasons why the firm I work for has survived relatively well is because they sell essential daily products and it is always done with great customer service in mind.


In the current market where consumers are very wary of spending any money at all you have to excel with customer service to get them to buy in the first place. You also need to maintain that relationship with the customer in order to get them to come back.

If only the companies that make antivirus and internet security products could see that.

Over the years I’ve written several reviews of security products. These posts always attract a few comments but I also get a very large number of emails about particular programs too. The common thread throughout these tends to be problems that the users have had and their struggles with getting the companies to fix them or even respond in the first place. I think thats quite shocking!

Being an established security blogger with a modest status on Twitter and elsewhere I’ve tried to help some of these people get support and even I’ve been faced with incorrect information or even a total lack of response.

So, security companies, why do you suck when it comes to customer service?

  1. You’re support staff are too busy updating their status on FourSquare
  2. You employ people who don’t care about their jobs
  3. You employ people who don’t have the tech skills to answer questions
  4. You’re understaffed and can’t reply to queries
  5. You’re too arrogant to realise dissatisfied customers will switch to a competitor in an instant
  6. You offer free products but reserve customer service only for paid clients
  7. You do reply but don’t hurry yourselves
  8. You have a FAQ section on your website and assume its enough
  9. You do offer support but its a service the user has to pay for
  10. You answer every question but English/plain speech isn’t your strong point

Have you ever bought or downloaded an antivirus or internet security program? I’m sure you have. Have you ever had a problem with your new program? You probably have.

Have you tried to get your issue resolved? What was the result? Did you get a satisfactory answer, or no answer at all?

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