Anti-Piracy Groups Already Targeting Kim Dotcom’s Mega

Just a few days after launch and Kim Dotcom’s new service – Mega – already has over a million users. But it seems likely that at last some people who have taken an interest in the new site sit on the opposite side of the fence to the owner as anti-piracy groups already want the service shut down.


Mega has only been live a few days, however it’s already becoming a go to place for pirates wanting to share copyright infringing content.

We have detected numerous instances of Mega being used to distribute copyright content including cracks (software to circumvent copyright protection), music, movies and software.
Stop File Lockers

Robert King, who is affiliated to the adult industry, runs an anti-piracy group called Stop File Lockers (linked to above). He believes that the key to thwarting file lockers is their finances and says hundreds of sites have already been shut down through disruption to their cash flow. Now it seems he is after Mega.

StopFileLockers have just begun a “campaign to have the payment processing of all Mega resellers terminated.

Mega itself does not process payments because nobody would process payments for it. A couple of Mega resellers have PayPal and they are being terminated.
Robert King,

Given the ongoing issues surrounding Kim Dotcom’s previous venture – (which apparently accounted for over 4% of the entire internet’s traffic!) – it will be interesting to see how the Mega ( story plays out. I wonder if the nature of the site will quickly evolve or whether the authorities will go all out to take it down.

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