Another 10 Funny Spam Email Titles

I’ve written about funny spam email titles on a couple of occasions and both posts were well received.

Like you, I would imagine, I receive my fair share of spam (and then some) on a daily basis, so here are some more humorous spam email titles for your enjoyment –


1. When your tool is small you feel like your hands are tied.

2. Win the girl of your dreams, grow your tomatoes.

3. When you have a small instrument you feel like itโ€™s not even working.

4. Women will beg you to walk naked and shake it.

5. Feel the loving potions with your new proportions.

6. Its shameful to be less than 6 inches.

7. Watch her beg to spread her thighs.

8. Click, dick, fill, pill.

9. Tired of being depended from the things that effect your manhood.

10. Sleeping with a book in your hands, Try to do it with a girl!

Which of the above funny spam titles is your favourite?

I thought #8 was simple and to the point and #2 really confused me until someone pointed out that ‘tomatoes’ may be Portuguese for ‘balls’.

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  1. Andrew Keir says:

    love number 2, vegetables are the answer, hey?

  2. Ha ha, I just knew you’d pick up on that one!

  3. Women will beg you to walk naked and shake it.

    Oh yeah!


  4. Excellent! Send them on, I’ll make use of them!

  5. ahahah very funny! Shame I deleted about 50 spams yesterday – but no worries – I’ll get another 500 by tomorrow so I will surely come back and add some funny spam titles to your post!!

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