Anonymous To Go After Zynga?

A few years ago games company Zynga attracted the attention of millions with their FarmVille game which went on to be a massive Facebook hit. Now it seems they are attracting an altogether different type of attention…



The online hacktivists are rather miffed about Zynga’s business plan and are seemingly intent on leaking many of the companies games for free if they don’t rethink their offshoring plans.

A video released on YouTube (now removed for violating policy based around harmful activities) warned that Anonymous planned to attack Zynga (and Facebook) on Guy Fawke’s night – November the 5th – for what the hacktivists claimed was their outrageous treatment of employees and actions against developers.

This follows a statement from Zynga last week that said they were laying off 5% of their workforce – approximately 150 people – as well as shutting down studios in the UK, US and Japan.

Anonymous seem especially peeved at two facts – firstly, that they believe this comes at a time when they reckon Zynga is sitting on a billion dollar bank balance and, secondly, that there may be legal action taken against any staff who speak publicly about the layoffs.

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