Anonymous Surfing By Proxy

anonymous surfing by proxy

If you wish to surf the internet anonymously then you need to use a proxy.

In the last couple of years literally hundreds of these sites have sprung up.

anonymous surfing by proxy

anonymous surfing by proxy

Free Or Paid Proxy?

Proxies on the net can either be free or paid to use services.

Generally, the paid services offer more security and better anonymity.

However, there are some good free ones available too.

Search out ones that offer a high level of anonymity – transparent proxies afford little protection.

Setting Up A Proxy

When you have found the proxy you wish to use, make a note of the IP address and Port number to be used.

In internet explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab.

Now select the LAN settings option and type the IP and PORT details for the proxy into their corresponding boxes.

Click on ok a couple of times and you are now ready to surf from behind your proxy.

Once you have your proxy set up be sure to check up on it from time to time.

Many free services come and go (hosting costs can be prohibitive for newer sites of this nature), or they cease to work or become transparent.

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