Anonymous: Operation Facebook

November the 5th.

Operation Facebook

Its a well known date in many people’s calenders as it is a reminder of Guy Fawke’s plot to blow up The Houses of Parliament back in 1605. But it may take on new meaning if a new video, allegedly from Anonymous, is to be believed:

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“Facebook knows more about you than your family,” says the message.

The hacker group Anonymous, responsible for a series of attacks on websites of governments, companies and credit card network games online PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony announced it will hold a mass attack against Facebook in November 5. The goal of the criminals is to overthrow the site, which has more than 700 million registered users.

The attack was confirmed both through Twitter and the video above that was posted on YouTube.

In it, the recording says that social networking has helped governments, “selling information to users and ensuring access to clandestine security firms to spy on people all over the world.”

They even say in the statement that “everything you do on Facebook is the social network, regardless of privacy settings,” and that “it is impossible to delete the account because the data are stored on Facebook.” “Facebook knows more about you than your family,” says the message.

The group also warns that the day of the attack “will go down in history.”

On social networking site Twitter, Anonymous posted a message saying that he was organizing what it calls “Operation Facebook” (# opfacebook), but not all members agreed or participated in the preparation of the attack.

There are suspicions that the attacks are to try to strengthen the social network Anon +, created by the gruop. The community site for Google + service was banned by Google, which would have angered members of Anonymous.

Facebook has declined to comment on the threat thus far.

Personally I have some doubts about it because its not up to the same quality standards of previous productions from the hacking group. Not only that, there hasn’t been any mention of this video clip from any of the usual Twitter sources either.

Even so, it does show that Facebook still isn’t particularly popular with some segments of the internet, despite some changes to its security and privacy stances in recent months.

Whatever happens, there are sure to be bonfires and fireworks on November the 5th. Will any of them be on Facebook though?

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