Anonymous Hacker Claims To Have Released ‘Aaron Swartz’ JSTOR Documents

An Anonymous hacker, going by the name of @TylerSec on Twitter, has released a post on PasteBin which claims to contain 33 GB of JSTOR documents. The release is via his own leak network; Tyler Leaks. This apparent leak comes just a few days after the suicide of Aaron Swartz who was facing a federal sentence for ‘stealing’ academic papers from JSTOR.


But what needs to be noted here is the fact that this leak may not be exactly what it seems – it could be the same documents released by Wikimedia contributor Greg Maxwell in 2011 –

There’s a good chance that this Anonymous leak of JSTOR documents is an old dump from last year.
Adrian Chen, Twitter

In the Pastebin post TylerSec says:

HIS NAME IS Aaron Swartz. He is twenty-six years old, and you wanted to divide us so that we will turn on each other rather than stand up for our rights.

The people you are after are the people that society depends on: we write songs, we create art, we build, we invent, we feel love and laugh, we will defend our freedom to our last breath. Do not fuck with us.

The First leak from the Anonymous Tyler Network: 33 GB of the JSTOR files that Aaron Swartz died to bring to the world.


Anonymous has been quite vocal in avenging Mr. Swartz’s death, recently launching an operation called #OpAngel in his memory:

Twenty-four hours after the death of Aaron Swartz was announced to the world, a heartless cult announced their intention to picket his funeral. In response, Anonymous has launched Operation Angel.

Before discussing the operation, there is something that needs to be said to Aaron’s family and his friends: We’re sorry. It is likely that our continuous condemnation and attacks against this cult is the very reason Aaron is being targeted by them. We would do anything to stop them from attending Aaron’s services. Aaron deserves peace and we will not allow this cult to overpower what should be the media’s focus, the monsters at DOJ who ruthlessly targeted your son.

We encourage organizations who would like to form protective human shields near Aaron’s funeral to listen closely for any announcement by the family on this action and respect their wishes.

Operation Angel has a number of goals. First, we mean to facilitate the flow of information regarding the cult’s movements. We are encouraging the public and any members of Highland Park law enforcement with intel on the cults to e-mail that information to You can use an anonymous e-mail address. You will not receive a response. You will not be exposed.

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