Nigerian ‘Ann Iyore’

Little Ann Iyore has a problem with her kidney but she isn’t old enough to scam Brian Appleyard out of a good one –


Subject: Divine love Charity Home

Divine love Charity Home
5 Oduwa Lane,
Benin City,
Edo State,
21 Jan. 2009

Beloved brothers and sister and all that have good intensions to their fellow humans,I plead with you on behalf of little girl ANN IYORE.

Until may this year,seven years old Girl called ANN IYORE who never knew her parent from childhood but kept faith with life in a little orphanage home in Benin city,Nigeria,suddenly all her joy and hope and expectations came crushing under the weight of an ailment that has been diagnosed by doctors at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital(UBTH) to be Chronic Renal Failure occasioned by faulty kidney.According to doctors reports,she stand the chance of loosing her life in about four weeks time on account of her faulty kidney if not quickly replaced.Now,Ann needs the sum of 2.5million in Nigeria currency which is equivalent to 17,000:00(seventeen thousand dollars) to facilitate her fast recovery.

I on behalf of Divine love Charity Home , a body which prior to her admission in the hospital,which has taken the responsibly of her up keep of Ann from childhood,appeal to well meaning individuals,public,Government,philanthropist and organization to come to her rescue in battle to save her precious life as any level of donations will be graciously appreciated.This we plead on her behalf in the name of God who will beautifully reward your kind gesture.please help to save this soul.
Give her future, and help her to achieved her dreams and a brighter life.

Please,any donation will be useful no matter how small it is.
Please,send your donations to the Proprietor of Divine love Charity
Home through western union,money gram to :

Divine love Charity Home
5 Oduwa Lane,
Benin City,
Edo State,

E-mail :

And email to notify us about your donation and the lord God almighty will increase you in thousand fold.


Divine love Charity Home

Of course, you shouldn’t feel too sorry for the poor little girl… this email is a scam.

Other than the origin – Nigeria – another giveaway is the date : this email is dated the 21st, despite the fact that it is only the 13th today. (I guess this scammer is intending to mail this one out for several days at least).

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  1. Dionne Collins says:

    That story about 911, the kidney and Brian Appleyard is one of my fondest memories of your site. More like that please.

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