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There have been many surprises in the field of cell phone technology the past couple of years. Who could have guessed a couple of years ago that we would be using cell phones that allowed us to have what essentially is a mini computer in our pocket. Or who could have guessed that the phones we would end up using would have a touch screen and pretty much look like a piece of glass. While all of these events have been surprising, one of the biggest surprises in this new cell phone world is how people use them.

With all of the power that is available in these phones, most people seem to be using them as mini gaming devices. You would think that with the power that the devices have, more people would be using them to help them be productive. Sure that does happen and people do their work on the phone all of the time. But what research shows is that what we see the most is phones being used to play games.

And it reaches across all ages. When we used to think of gaming, we would think of a young teenage male. But now we are in the age of the casual gamer. This is mostly a middle aged man (though not all of us middle aged men are quite so casual with our gaming – see screenshot below!) or women who have found games that they like to play. This happens a lot and it seems like it’s a good thing.


But these older gamers need to be aware of the dangers that some of these games pose. While most may seem OK, there are some that have a few security problems. Black hat hackers are now aware of this new age gaming demographic and they are making software to try and exploit that fact.

If you are playing a game on any of the mobile platforms then make sure that it is a game that can be trusted. This is especially true on the Android platform. The Android platform is not as regulated as the IPhone platform so malware is more easily able to slip through. While it does not happen often, it is possible. When a black hat hacker finds a new platform that becomes this popular, there is no stopping with the tricks that they will try to pull. But remember that IPhones are vulnerable as well.

So enjoy your new gaming hobby, just make sure that you are careful.

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