Andrew John Thompson Is Missing

It’s a sad fact of life but, missing child alerts on the internet typically turn out to be hoaxes, as in the cases of Evan Trembley and Ashley Flores, to name but two.

Unfortunately, such hoaxes lessen the impact that genuine missing child stories have as people tend to be suspicious of whether they are genuine or not, such as in the case of Matt Levenson.

This email, about Andrew John Thompson, is very much true, as can be determined by visiting some of the links contained within it –

Join the Global Search for Missing Australian Child – Andrew John THOMPSON

andrew-john-thompson-is-missing Four-year-old Andrew John THOMPSON was illegally abducted from Australia by his mother Melinda Margaret THOMPSON (who could also be using the name Melinda Margaret STRATTON) on 24th April 2008 and has since disappeared without trace. Shortly before the abduction, one of Australia’s leading psychiatrists found that Melinda has an underlying mental state that affects her judgement – particularly in relation to Andrew.

Andrew is now at grave risk of emotional and physical harm. In addition to an extensive search that has been underway by international authorities for several months, an international multi-media campaign has now been launched to help the authorities find him as quickly as possible. This campaign has the full support of Australian authorities and Interpol.

This is a genuine campaign. Andrew’s abduction can be confirmed by taking the following link to the Missing Children website of the Family Court of Australia.

The following link takes you to a poster that contains links to a flyer that can be downloaded and printed. It also includes suggestions for displaying the flyer in public places. Please print this poster and display it wherever possible no matter what country you are in.

This next link will take you to another missing person website containing more information and photos of Andrew and Melinda.

A Facebook site has been established for Andrew and can be accessed at

Also there is a bebo page at

The next link will take you to an article published in the Daily Telegraph in Sydney (Australia) on 13th December 2008. A video interview with Andrew’s father is also contained within the article.,22049,24791815-5006009,00.html

They could be in Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Asia, or anywhere else.

Please forward this email to as many people as possible and ask them to pass it on to as many people as possible as well. Ask them to use the flyers to raise awareness about Andrew in their local areas in as many countries as possible. It will only take one person to recognise either of them and to report their whereabouts to the authorities for Andrew to be found safe and well and returned to his home.


Many thanks for taking part in the Global Search for Andrew, from Andrew’s Dad and Andrew.

If you have any information about Andrew then please pass it on to the authorities.

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  1. 25th May 2010 is International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD).

    IMCD is an annual event that raises awareness to missing children around the world. This year it’s theme is International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA).

    Andrew has now been missing for two years. I have been approached by the Australian Federal Police & asked if I will agree to Andrew being featured in this very significant international event this year.

    Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding Andrew’s abduction & the absence of any information about what country he is in, IMCD organisers will include include information about him in all participating countries. The event attracts extensive international media coverage & has resulted in many missing children being located since it commenced as an annual event in the USA about 20 years ago.

    More information will be posted on Andrew’s website ( & on other sites site about IMCD & about some of the international supporting events as the date draws closer.

    In the meantime, here is a link to an awareness video that has been posted on YouTube by one of the participating missing children organsiations (Forever Searching). It also includes Andrew.

    Kind Regards.

  2. ken thompson says:

    Dear Scam.

    Sorry for the slow response.

    The system here is pretty much the same. I expressed serious concerns about Andrew’s safety in my affidavit and again when Melinda and I appeared in the court. However, Melinda’s allegations were more serious than mine and the judge put more weight on her allegations. In fact, the allegations I made weren’t even mentioned. This was my first insight to the extent of the bias against men in the Family Law system.

    I had taken legal action against Melinda because of serious concerns I held about the effect her behaviour was having on Andrew, yet she walked out of the court with him and I was given limited contact visits.

    Melinda abducted Andrew a few weeks later and the rest is history.

    People don’t seem to comprehend that not all mothers behave in the best interests of their children whether this is because of an emotional disorder or because they are simply not properly equipped to be a parent.

    How many more children will be abducted by their mothers until society (and the legal fraternity) come to accept that the vast majority of fathers care deeply for their children, that they are very protective of them (which is a very normal male instinct), and many children are at risk from their own mothers. It’s counter-intuitive for many people but it’s true.

    70% of International Parental Child Abductions are carried out by mothers. The psychological profile for these mothers is not very assuring when it comes to the long-term emotional and physical well-being of their children.


    • As per the UK – there seems to be this feeling/legal guideline that suggests mothers are better parents than fathers, at least where younger children are concerned.

      Whilst I appreciate that may be true in the majority of cases it certainly is not in all of them.

      For reasons I cannot fathom, any allegations made by a father against a mother are virtually dismissed whilst her claims are taken to be the gospel truth.

      Is family law antiquated or is it a deliberate ploy to marginalise men in society yet again?

  3. ken thompson says:

    I am Andrew’s dad. The above email message and the support material (posters, etc) has now been translated into 15 European and Asian languages.

    I can be contacted at if anyone would like any/or all of these translations.

    Many thanks.

    Ken Thompson (& Andrew).

    • Hi Ken, great to hear from you.

      As a father myself I cannot possibly imagine what you must be going through.

      If there is any news or updates that you wish to give out then please feel free to do so.

      • ken thompson says:

        It is terrible. Many thanks to you for helping raise public awareness internationally about Andrew’s plight.

        Andrew’s mother (Melinda) wrote to a national newspaper in Australia recently claiming she’d abducted Andrew because she had no confidence in the Australian legal system, that the Family Court of Australia favoured men, and that court-appointed psychiatrists were also biased towards men.

        She also blamed the previous Australian government for creating this situation by introducing reforms to the Australian Family Court. Interestingly, she had been very supportive of this government when it was in office.

        The statistics, media reports, and anecdotal evidence from both males and females don’t support any of her assertions.

        Melinda also alleged that Australian child protection authorities had not taken her complaints seriously. This is despite her complaints/allegations being investigated by at least three different authorities at two levels of government. At least three of these investigators were female and one was male. None of these investigators found any basis for her complaints/allegations.

        Andrew is experiencing extreme emotional abuse as a result of his abduction and he is also at risk of physical harm under certain circumstances.

        He needs our help.

        Ken Thompson
        Sydney, Australia.

        • I couldn’t possibly comment on the Australian system but here in the UK the odds are very much in favour of women and hopelessly stacked against men in such cases.

          If a woman makes any allegation of wrong-doing in the Family Court then the father is guilty unless he can prove otherwise.

          I wouldn’t imagine that the laws are much different where you live are they?

  4. I sincerely hope he is found too, a missing child must be so upsetting for those who love him.

  5. I hope they find the poor boy safe and well.


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