Amero, The North American Union Conspiracy

There are a number of conspiracy theorists who believe that the governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States are planning to unite into one collective, somewhat like the European Union, known as The North American Union (NAU).

These theorists believe that the three countries of the supposed North American Union intend to move forward with a single currency known as the ‘Amero’.



Furthermore, they also believe that such a union, if it were to happen, would be part of a global conspiracy leading up to the Illuminati‘s New World Order (NWO).

In reality, officials from all three of the nations supposedly involved have continually denied any intentions of forming the NAU, despite the fact that it has been proposed and debated in academic circles for many years.

One pro-Amero economist, Canadian Herbert Grubel (a senior fellow of the Fraser Institute think-tank), put forward his views in 1999 in a book entitled ‘The Case for the Amero’.

Robert Pastor, the vice-chairman of the Independent Task Force on North America, lent his own support to Grubel’s findings in his own book ‘Toward a North American Community’, stating that –

“In the long term, the Amero is in the best interests of all three countries”.

Is evidence like this sufficient to convince people of a conspiracy that will lead in due course to a one-world currency and government or are believers just seeing what they want to in everything they read?

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