Almost Half Of You Fell Victim To Cybercrime Last Year

Thats according to the latest Cybercrime Report from Norton (pdf).

In their 2012 report Norton estimate that some 556 million adult users worldwide were exposed to some sort of cybercrime over the last year. Such a figure suggests that around 46% of all adult users of the web were duped in some way or other. That figure is staggering in it’s implication and I sincerely hope neither you nor anyone you know is part of that statistic.


Other highlights of the report, which polled 13,018 adults in 24 countries, include the following –

  • the annual cost of cybercrime to consumers is $110 billion
  • 21% of mobile computer users were exposed to some form of cybercrime
  • around 31% of mobile users said they had received an SMS message asking them to either dial an unknown number to collect a voicemail or click on an embedded link
  • even more people – 39% – were exposed on social media platforms
  • 15% of the social media users polled reported that someone had gained unauthorised access to their account
  • approximately 15% of social networkers reported clicking on a fake link or succumbing to other related scams
  • only 44% of social network users use a security solution to protect them (despite free options being available I might add)
  • and, lastly, with privacy being a hot topic right now you may be surprised to hear that only 49% actually use the privacy settings on their chosen social network

In my opinion these figures quite clearly show the need for more security awareness training for the average user of computers and other net-connected devices. The threats are everywhere but, fortunately, most are easily countered simply by having some basic knowledge of what to avoid.

“Cybercriminals are changing their tactics to target fast growing mobile platforms and social networks where consumers are less aware of security risks”

Marian Merritt, Norton Internet safety advocate.

Considering, then, that so many people still fall victim I do have to wonder how we overcome the problem? Whilst having security software installed is a pretty simple and obvious step we can’t underestimate how many problems are being caused by ignorance either.

What do you think needs to happen in order to better protect the average man on the net?

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