All Of The Extra Information That Your Cell Phone Tells The World About You

In this day and age where everyone is carrying a cell phone around with them, there are some people who are worried about what all of this means. There are some people who are really paranoid about this new technology and all that it can do. There have always been people in the past who have worried about people being able to spy on them. They think that what they are doing is of great interest to someone else and they have to be able to hide it from the person or some government at all cost. And most of the time, these people have no idea what they are talking about.


But just because there are some people who are paranoid out there that does not mean there are not people and governments who are using the technology to spy. It just they are not using the technology to spy on every single person who is out there. They pick and choose their targets and usually it is someone who is a person of interest to them. A lot of the people who are paranoid are usually just that, people who are overly paranoid. But like we said early in this paragraph, there truly are people who are being spied on. Sometimes they are being spied on for good reasons and other times it is government overreach and someone abusing the powers that they have.

But it is not only the government who can find out personal information about you. Anyone who is computer savvy can find out information about you as well. And a lot of times it is information that you are given out that you might not know about. For example, when you use your mobile phone, you might be giving out more information than you think you are.

The modern day mobile phone has a lot of features that are included with it. And a lot of these features we love because they either make the phone easier to use or they make the phone a lot more fun to use. One of the features that people love to use is GPS. This is a useful tool that allows the phone to tell you where you are at anytime. But there is a reverse feature of that as well. While the phone is able to tell you where you are, it is also able to tell someone else where you are as well. Some people do not mind that. You can tell that they don’t mind because they install applications like Foursquare (I’m looking at you R.A. !) which is all about checking in with your location at the moment. But there are a lot of people who do mind the phone sharing that much information so they end up turning off GPS.

But there is also another way that the phone is able to tell too much about you. And it is a way that people do not think about often. The phone is able to tell someone else information about you through the metadata that is in the pictures that you take. Even though you cannot see it, there is a lot of information about you in the pictures that the phone takes. It will have the location where the picture was taken, the name of the phone, and sometimes even your name. People who know how can easily get the information from a single picture.

There are other ways that people can get information about you off of the phones that you use. Some of the apps that you install are a main culprit as well. Just make sure that you are aware of what kind of information your phone is saying about you.

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