All Is Woe For Microsoft Security Essentials As Another Test Is Failed

Its not a particularly good time for MSE, aka Microsoft Security Essentials, right now. Since the end of last year it has twice failed to gain certification with AV-Test, failing in both November and then again in January of this year. Now it has also failed another substantial test, this time from Dennis Technology Labs (


The Dennis Technology Labs report for October – December 2012 looked at 8 different security suites –

  • AVG Internet Security 2013
  •  BitDefender Internet Security 2013
  •  ESET Smart Security 5
  •  Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
  •  McAfee Internet Security 2013
  •  Microsoft Security Essentials
  •  Norton Internet Security 2013
  •  Trend Micro Internet Security 2013

– with each of the paid programs attaining a score of 300+ out of 400 during the accuracy tests. By contrast, MSE managed a paltry 30 points.

The score range was from -1000 to +400 with points being deducted for false positives. Interestingly, Microsoft Security Essentials did not lose a bucket load of points for suffering from deductions – it just didn’t score at all well in the first place.

And if you thought that was bad then you should read the report when it comes to protection ratings. On a scale of -500 to +300 all the competitors scored between 217 points (McAfee Internet Security 2013) and 289 (Norton Internet Security 2013), except for, yes, you guessed it, Microsoft Security Essentials. Here it really excelled with a grand total of minus 70 points!!!

(I wonder if Which? are feeling embarrassed yet?)

Now I know some people, Microsoft included, don’t put too much store in these sort of tests but do you think it is not telling that Microsoft’s security suite is having such a hard time at the moment?

photo: Alex E. Proimos

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